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  1. PerryPoke77

    OSU vs BYU Baseball Thu-Sat Series

    was a BS bush league call by the umpire.
  2. PerryPoke77

    OSU vs BYU Baseball Thu-Sat Series

    Exactly! It's just mind boggling!
  3. PerryPoke77

    OSU vs BYU Baseball Thu-Sat Series

    WTH guys and gals....i mean WTH? What the heck is going on with this team and why do our very brilliant ooaches not see it? I mean i know Griff and Huey are out but there is plenty of talent on this team to be playing better. BYU has no business beating us, NONE! Its like Josh and Rob want...
  4. PerryPoke77

    B12 Wrestling

    Unless a miracle happens, it's Missouri's to lose. They still have a few that can add points on the backside tonight and are already ahead by seven points. We will probably trail by 10-12 after tonight.
  5. PerryPoke77

    NCAA Denies OSU Basketball Appeal

    Dude then you have no idea about anything with the NCAA when it comes to us. They absolutely have a beef with us and its evidenced over the years. The Andrew Oliver BS in Regionals against Wichita State, the Dez situation and now this. These are only 3 of the occurrences I can think of now...
  6. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    This sucks!
  7. PerryPoke77

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    agree with everything you said! It needed to be said too!
  8. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    well duh. I’m an idiot lol
  9. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    What does MIF mean? I saw that Jackson Holliday was a 2022 MIF commit?
  10. PerryPoke77

    Tucson Regional

    This is exactly why I thought the NCAA screwed us in where they sent us. It was a joke that they picked pre-determined regional sites early because we should have been hosting. I hate the NCAA!
  11. PerryPoke77

    Men’s Golf NCAA championships

    So who do we play in the quarterfinals?
  12. PerryPoke77

    Big 12 Baseball Tournnament

    This sucks because the advantage for the 2-0 teams goes out the window now
  13. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    Wow cause the radar is lit up.