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  1. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    This sucks!
  2. PerryPoke77

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    agree with everything you said! It needed to be said too!
  3. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    well duh. I’m an idiot lol
  4. PerryPoke77

    Cowboy Baseball

    What does MIF mean? I saw that Jackson Holliday was a 2022 MIF commit?
  5. PerryPoke77

    Tucson Regional

    This is exactly why I thought the NCAA screwed us in where they sent us. It was a joke that they picked pre-determined regional sites early because we should have been hosting. I hate the NCAA!
  6. PerryPoke77

    Men’s Golf NCAA championships

    So who do we play in the quarterfinals?
  7. PerryPoke77

    Big 12 Baseball Tournnament

    This sucks because the advantage for the 2-0 teams goes out the window now
  8. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    Wow cause the radar is lit up.
  9. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    Any delays announced yet? Looks like it might be pouring in Stillwater right now
  10. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    good point
  11. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    Well I live in Woodward and we have decent chances of tstorms until Thursday.
  12. PerryPoke77

    Cowgirl softball in Big XII tournament

    I can’t stand that girl!
  13. PerryPoke77

    OSU baseball vs Baylor

    I doubt they play. Thunderstorms are likely all day. Should have played a DH yesterday
  14. PerryPoke77

    Bedlam baseball round 5

    What channel? Not on espnu or espn2