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  1. osutoothdoctor

    Gundy 2022 job rating

    I posted my rely before I saw your post. I agree with you 100%
  2. osutoothdoctor

    Gundy 2022 job rating

    Kind of reminds me of what they did with Tyreek Hill. We played him in the wrong position and he was slightly above average while here. If it weren't for an unnamed punt return his entire tenure in Stillwater would be meh. He goes to the NFL, they put him in the correct position and he is an...
  3. osutoothdoctor

    Not ready to go/not prepared for Bedlam????

    Can't "green check mark" this bad boy enough. I am old enough to remember the "old days" but I am slowly growing tired of Gundy.
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    Great post, love most all of it. I have to say though 0-10-1 would at least get a UHaul parked in his driveway.
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    Everyone keeps saying he is saying the right things. He is mostly saying the right things. "Everything is fine" is not the right thing to say. NO, he shouldn't be crying or whatever you said but saying everything is great after losing 86-16 the last two weeks to teams we should have beaten is...
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

    I don't want to disrupt the argument but...Dave Aranda has been more successful than Gundy. He's been in the league 2 1/2 seasons and already has a conference championship (over Gundy). His winning percentage in his first 3 years is 0.625 (which includes a 2-win season in his first season) vs...
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    Remaining Schedule with 3 games left:

    Actually it was the worst game since the week before. We were competitive in neither, but the game against KSt, IMO, was worse because we had our Sr QB at the helm. We were starting a freshman that had taken a total of 2 snaps against KU.
  8. osutoothdoctor

    Any word on Spencer’s injury?

    I'm sorry that I have to ask but I don't see what you are referring to.
  9. osutoothdoctor

    Cowboy Baseball

    The outfield is going to be full. Can we play a rover so we can get more guys AB's? ;)
  10. osutoothdoctor

    No ESPN on Dish

    $100 for internet. I have many streaming services but they all add up to under $100. That includes MLB TV. I had extra innings with Cable. (I am a Red Sox junkie). My cable bill was about $350/mo. I'm under $200 now and I have access to tons more stuff than I used to. I used to be a major...
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    Name for game with Texas Tech?

    How about the "Everything About Texas Tech Sucks" Game
  12. osutoothdoctor

    No ESPN on Dish

    Still much much much much more affordable than cable and more reliable (as far as I have seen the last couple of years since I cut the cord).
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    Cowboy Baseball

    It's probably been mentioned on this thread but I didn't notice the addition of Ben Abram to the roster. I'm not sure how I missed it. He played at ou last year on their CWS finals run. The transfer portal is really messing with me. :blink:
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    Big 12 game thread: Week 4

    I would expect that from Dean. The problem is Sam Mayes. He was on with Mark Rogers Friday saying that ou's defense is coached too well, they are too good individually and as a unit for Kansas St to score. He later added that oSu has a good athletic department, it's not to the level of ou's...
  15. osutoothdoctor

    No more Bedlam

    The bright side of NIL is that before only the SEC could pay their players. Now everyone gets to.