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    Furniture Buying In North Dallas

    Do not participate in the board anymore, but thought an update on this post might be appreciated. Per the OP, it is now six months since we placed our two orders with them, having paid well over $7k for several pieces of furniture. In the interim, about a quarter of the pieces have been...
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    Cancel Culture!!!

    Self releasing an album. Sounds like a euphemism for what he was accused of doing.
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    Not sure it would be worth the tens of thousands of dollars necessary to get those seats only to be ignored by cameras and ultimately kicked out and the NCAA continue to look the other way
  4. OSUinTX

    BPS $40 million Renovation

    Well, she died in 2017 so there is a high probability that it was never resolved before she passed.
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    Cowgirl Softball Stadium Question

    They used to sponsor a ladies team of the same name and one of the starting pitchers was a former OSU shortstop from the late 80s. Leann Triplett was her name if not mistaken
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    How many liberals on this board?

    Not going to flag you with a big red X since everyone has an opinion, but @Binman4OSU (seems to be the first of many) hit it on the head
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    How the election was stolen

    Things to do today: 1) Place this thread on "UNWATCH" 2) Everything else. Check
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    Cowgirl Softball Stadium Question

    A big part of the problem is not with what a spectator sees and experiences, but what goes on under the bleachers from team rooms, training areas and utilities. The structure was designed decades ago while team needs have evolved and instead of a renovation to build what is needed, it would end...
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    Russia invades Ukraine

    Definitely up there. The most violent I have experienced is standing at the end of Addison Airport about seven years ago when Fifi, the only airworthy B-29 at the time took off. When those four giant props came up to speed.. OMG...and then they pitched the blades for maximum thrust for a few...
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    Jacie Hoyt-New Women’s Basketball Coach!

    Sketchers are the best!!!
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    Whiskey Talk

    If I read the notice right, VIRGINIA RESIDENTS are eligible for the lottery, not the rest of us since only VA residents would have a VA ID. I have often wondered, "How do the states that hold these lotteries get their hands on the product?" Seems like there would be some sort of commerce laws...
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    In Solidarity with the Mens Basketball Team

    My wife's uncle up in Oregon claims one is his. Has screen shot the bracket but I have no idea if legit if not. it is the only one he submitted to ESPN. He is a lineman up around the Columbia
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    Sunshine Protection Act

    Just read the brief on the bill and as worded now, AZ and HI will still be able to stay on standard time.