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    Jake Ehlinger

    Really saddening.
  2. OSUgradndad85

    And you thought it was Trump.....

    Some people on here just can’t see the forest for the trees, and realize one party wants to restrict illegal immigration while the other would just as soon let everyone in no questions asked. Just admit you prefer the latter.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    Further details referenced within bidentaxes.gum
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    Talent issue?

    From some Saturday Tradition website, but should be interesting to see if they also do one for 2021. ‘Following the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft, 247Sports looked back at where each player selected ranked as a high school recruit. Three-star players made up the largest portion of picks in...
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    Bedlam Baseball

    Well, sh**
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    NFL Draft

    Right at 179 would be very nice
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    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    There’s a little merit to that, however, quality pitching with varying movements was still abundant and I witnessed plenty of contact that would be a hit even today. But more importantly my point was in philosophy. Those hitters on Ward’s teams were very disciplined and learned to max the pitch...
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    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    Let’s look back to the 80’s under Ward and Holliday and see
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Now do the liberal playbook with a non-response rather than dispute the facts of the comment. Wait, check that, you did.
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    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    Good evening friend!!
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    I see we need to remind you that it was also NBC that purposely edited Zimmerman’s 911 call. My how you conveniently forget things.
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Interesting alternative, although does that mean you are suggesting the officer shoot twice, then pause briefly to see what happens? Don’t take this the wrong way because I just want to understand your thought process. What if it didn’t work? The innocent party would then be the victim rather...
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    Something something corporate tax is too high...

    Careful there, some on here just cannot grasp the concept of common sense and reason.