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  1. osucowboy79

    2022 OSU fan survey

    Great work Dave! Thanks for doing this.
  2. osucowboy79

    OSU vs ND is on now ESPN 208!

    I believe Big Dave was forced to take it down. It's still on my dvr on YouTube tv but that doesn't help you guys.
  3. osucowboy79

    Fall Camp Thread

    Sounds like we're pretty set on the interior with some combination of: Wilson/Michalski at C Woodard/Webber/Miterko/Brooks at G Now let's get the T situation sorted out and we're good to go.
  4. osucowboy79

    Gundy Succession Plan

    He'll also be able to name his price as an analyst if he wants to do it.
  5. osucowboy79

    TBP renovations?

  6. osucowboy79

    TBP renovations?

    Looks like block letters in the endzone. Cursive would have been cool but the new turf looks great.
  7. osucowboy79

    Fall Camp Thread

    Not trying to start something since Warren was an absolute stud and clearly a better player last year, but, he's 3 years older than Richardson so he should have been. Those videos are of Dom trucking people in the Big 12 as an 18 year old true freshman. I think his best is yet to come. We'll...
  8. osucowboy79

    Fall Camp Thread

    Here you go.
  9. osucowboy79

    Fall Camp Thread

    I think we're in good shape on the interior, biggest concern for me is OT. If we get above average play from the tackles we'll be dangerous.
  10. osucowboy79

    Pokes in The Open

    Rory is playing great. Vik needs a break or two to turn the momentum.
  11. osucowboy79

    Pokes in The Open

    Vik and Rory are putting on a show.
  12. osucowboy79

    Pokes in The Open

    Nice birdie putt by Vik on 4. Tied for the lead.
  13. osucowboy79

    Big12 Media Day Thread

    I remember the play, we were going hurry up, there was a few second delay and then we snapped it. It definitely caused confusion and allowed them a second to get set. That said, we should have been able to get that yard either way and their defender might still have made an outstanding...
  14. osucowboy79

    Big 12 to meet to consider 6 new teams(PAC)

    Gundy spotted in Nashville.
  15. osucowboy79

    USC and UCLA to the BIG10 in 2024

    Can we get Tuff tiger's thoughts next?