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    Covid-19 Both sides are at fault.
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    and the free agency begins . . .

    THIS. All 5 power 5 champs get in and 3 non power 5 Champs that are ranked highest or at least top 25. If non power 5 champs are not in the top 25 then let the committee pick the next 3 in.
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    Colorado PAUSE act

    Note to self, never buy any kind of bbq from Oregon or Colorado if this passes.
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Deal. So when is she being impeached/removed from office and or at the very minimum censured by the House? OOhhh right the liberals killed that because its their teammate.
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    Men's Basketball Bryce Thompson to transfer

    COULD IT BE!?!?! Probably wishful thinking but you never know!
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    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Because the more divisive the issue the more anger people will have with the opposing view. The more angry someone is the more focused they get on a subject or event and are easier to manipulate.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    The libs must just know they are going to get smoked in the midterms. Trying to shove this all through within 3 months of an election.
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    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Not competed in LPGA. If He/She wants to compete in the PGA under the USGA He/She can provide medical information and likely be granted an opportunity to try and earn a tour card.
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    NCAA threatens pulling Women's College World Series in OKC over Transgender athletes bill

    Would still be more fair for a couple years on testosterone versus an entire childhood. I'm of the opinion though trans SHOULD be allowed to compete in Mens events but not women's. Have you ever seen a PGA tour player compete in the LPGA? You have seen a woman on a PGA tour event though. And if...
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    Chris Beard to. Texass

    I don't buy Sark or Beard at Texas. they are used to a different kind of control. Texas is run by its boosters and AD and they have expectations that things be done even if they aren't what's best for the program.
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    The Masters

    Hovland doing better today. So far -2 today making him -1 overall Hovland -1 T-16 Wolff +8 T-76
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    The Masters

    Hovland struggling today. tripled the first, got back to even then bogeyed 2 holes. at 2 over right now.
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    Nike sues Lil Nas X over "Satan Shoes"

    Shelby has an agreement with Ford. I've been through their facilities in Vegas. Pretty cool if you get a chance to tour it.
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    Moderna 1st dose felt just like I had been beaned by a fastball from Nolan Ryan in the arm and went away after a couple days. 2nd dose was a similar 4 seam fastball to the arm however add in a full day of chills and body aches. After 24 hours the extra side effects went away though and I was...
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    You're being lied to.....

    Social Security is sustainable if they would stop robbing from it. Also they will eventually make it 80 years old to even be eligible for it so it will still 'be available' just you won't live long enough to collect.