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  1. OSUcat

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State

    It seems to me that all of the Iowa State hype rests on their beating KU and KSU. Kansas State is their signature win. They lost to Iowa and Baylor. When K State is your signature win, how can you be this cocky? They have not come close to a win like we had in Austin. Are we capable of...
  2. OSUcat

    Texas fans are more into recruiting than winning.

    Been checking some Texas football boards and blogs. They go crazy about recruiting. Well, I guess if you can’t win games, winning recruiting is what you are proud of.
  3. OSUcat

    Oklahoma State/Iowa State 2:30 on Fox

    ESPN winning percentages are total nonsense. They have nothing to do with reality. Texas was anywhere from 75-95% chance of winning well into the 4th quarter. It meant nothing. Betting lines mean nothing. Period. We all like to see our team picked to win, but in the end, every team has to...
  4. OSUcat

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

  5. OSUcat Preview: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

    I think the big match up is Malcolm Rodrigez vs Casey Thompson.
  6. OSUcat

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    I will take a win any way any how against K State. Sanders looked much better. If not for untimely penalties we would have added 10 points at least in the second half. That last drive was nails to end it. Sanders is getting there. We have not seen his best yet, but tonight was a really good...
  7. OSUcat

    I am now a Spencer Sanders fan

    Like it or hate it, Sanders is our horse. This isn't changing barring injury. So we had better start cheering him on because as Sanders goes, so goes OSU this year. He has the tools, he just has to get better at using them. To be fair, we have been stuck with qb's who didn't have even...
  8. OSUcat

    How Gundy became a starter

    Gundy became a starter his freshman season because the physically gifted veteran qb Ronnie Williams had too many turnovers for Pat Jones liking. So Pat Jones yanked the turnover prone Williams and started the youngster. Spencer Sanders is a turnover machine. A physically talented player who...
  9. OSUcat

    Official Game Thread: Tulsa vs. Oklahoma State

    If you are not frustrated with Gundy and the offense, then you don't want to see OSU win. Does that mean things can't get turned around? No. But if our offense does not improve significantly, we will struggle to be 500. My biggest frustrations are that Gundy was so confident in our offense...
  10. OSUcat

    Do I detect some friction between Gundy and Dunn?

    OC Dunn said "Shoot, I'll take the blame for it." Talking about our offensive woes. RA reported at halftime that Gundy wanted to establish the run game. Seems likely that Gundy called the plays the second half, stubbornly running the ball up the middle. It came close to costing us the game...
  11. OSUcat

    Official Game Thread: Missouri State vs. Oklahoma State

    Losing 8 starters is a big deal. So I will wait before I jump off the bridge. No way to sugar coat this debacle, especially the offense. Let's see how we do in the next few weeks when we get everybody back. It all rides on SS.
  12. OSUcat

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    I never wanted OSU to join the Pac 12. Too many cultural differences. We would be pushed to conform to their wokeism. It is time to go to work and fight. Every remaining Big 12 school needs to resolve to get better at FB and BB. That means resources and commitment. Big 12 fans have to step...
  13. OSUcat

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    Only about 20 teams in the nation are marketable in the semi-pro type conferences being pushed. The other 100 and some NCAA members need to send them down the road and let them do their big money thing by themselves. The NCAA has power through its championships in all sports. Make the SEC...
  14. OSUcat

    Basketball Thoughts

    Right now we are becoming the Texas football of college basketball. First in recruiting, middling in results.
  15. OSUcat

    Bedlam Baseball

    When we get that new stadium opened the sky is the limit. Old Allie P is holding us back.