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    Cowboys (3-2) Defeats DePaul University. Next up Tulsa Hurricanes on FRIDAY #LetsWork

    I have 2 free tickets to tu game today. PM me.
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    Cowgirl Basketball 2022-2023 Season

    Appreciate the updates!
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    Gundy radio show

    I expect SS to leave. He'll get P5 offers. We'll be fine next year. Not great, but over .500/bowl eligible. And no, I won't be satisfied with that, but it happens. Fully support dumping McEndoo and Dickey.
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    Damn you are salty.
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    Death of the Internal Combustion Vehicle

    I dunno. He busy.
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    NCAA Cross Country on ESPNU

    Nope. Goes head-to-head. I don't remember the exact finishes, but an example: their #1 finisher beats our #1 finisher, 1 point for them. Their #2 beats our #2, 2-0 them. Our #3 beats their #3, 2-1 them. They win #4, we win #5, they win championship on the 3-2 tiebreaker. The announcer even...
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    Cowboys (3-2) Defeats DePaul University. Next up Tulsa Hurricanes on FRIDAY #LetsWork

    Anderson prayer floater would have been a better option.
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    OSU v. Wyoming (Wrestling)

    Meh......could happen to anyone.
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    Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter

    As @teachum said above, I don't think Musk was asking/telling anyone he expects that of them. That said, I was working for Phillips 66 at their HQ in The Woodlands when Jim Gallogly said in a town hall meeting that he often worked 10-12 hours/day and often came in on weekends, and he thought we...
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    Trump 2024 Thread

    I'll be surprised if it's half full.
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    Nations longest active home winning streaks...

    There's a thread for that. (probably)
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    Men's Basketball 2022 General Recruiting Thread

    This is awesome. Now if we can make Sunday's 24 assists vs 10 turnovers the norm we'll be tough to beat.
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    Bedlam Week

    Also, could go with the kspi app, get all osu sports.
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    Bedlam at 6:30 PM CST on ABC:

    Sanders saying he's playing and Sanders actually playing could be two different things (though I sincerely hope not!). I'm worried he won't be able to go a full game - he looked like he was really favoring his shoulder as he jogged to the sideline during one of isu's times out on our last...
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    Active Consecutive Bowls streak...

    It's not a job for amateurs.