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    Hurricane Laura. Expected to hit at Cat 4

    Spent many days working in the Hackberry field south of Lake Charles.
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    Cowgirls vs. Texas

    Her sister left the team last year. My guess is Vivian is gone. If true That's a crushing blow to the team.
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    2020 election thread

  4. olderschool

    2020 election thread

    I will continue to post the truth. Trump is a liar and a incompetent fool.
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    2020 election thread
  6. olderschool

    Pelosi Labels Republicans As ‘Enemies Of The State’ and 'Domestic Enemies'

    And the wingnut popcorn Gallery gives a childish opinion.
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    Football 2021 RB Cam'ron Valdez

    Looks like he might be a power 5 back. He plays on a very very good and well coached team. A lot of his highlight runs are into holes big enough to drive a truck through.
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    2020 election thread

    If his lips are moving...........
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    2020 election thread FOOL!!
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    Covid-19 Rump is a tool! And incredibly stupid.
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    O'Brate Stadium opening photos 8-14-2020

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    2020 election thread

    If President rump’s lips are moving. Then he’s lying.
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    Well done RX! That shuts down that bullshit.