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    And building a death buss or two.
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    Facebook under fire for encouraging border crisis with ads for human smugglers, cartels: Rep. Kat Cammack

    Facbook bans ad campaign that was too honest:
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    Trump issues statement claiming he won 2020 election, blames, Voter Fraud, Pence, Cheney, and McConnell for loss

    Holy hell, did RA write that? There are only 3 sentences in that entire paragraph.
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    The Market Thread

    They are going to have to monetize the debt pretty soon. Get ready for when that happens.
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    The Market Thread

    We have a lot more concerns than that. Primarily the sharp increase in government and corporate debt. This easy money is causing prices to rise on a large number of things. Some are calling the current phenomenon the "everything bubble".
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    Matt Gaetz under investigation for sex trafficking

    If by more entertaining you mean creepy AF, then yeah, I agree.
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    Graphics card problem

    So you are running with an old sandybridge server..haha nice. You need a motherboard with a FCLGA2011 socket for your CPU, it looks like motherboards that have that chipset run about $130 on ebay. Keep in mind that replacing a motherboard takes a few hours, as you are essentially breaking down...
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    Graphics card problem

    I would buy a new motherboard, depending on the cost, etc. What is your setup right now?
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    Derek Chauvin verdict

    Its the drug war, not the great society that mesed things up. Its amazing what the long term effects of incarcerating 1/5 of an adult male population will do.
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    FFS. There has only been one party in power for a couple of decades, and if you think that only "Democrats" are in it, than you are a part if it too.
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    Cancel Culture!!!

    Well, now there will be 1 game of good baseball played in Denver this year for once...
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    The Biden Administration Thread

    Cars/trucks and gpus are in a massive shortage. They even started shipping gaming computers without gpu's. Think about that for a second.
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    Man arrested at Univ of Kentucky Hospital with firearms, body armor and possible explosives

    This is an incredibly silly statement. Muskets with a 45 to 60 second reload time are not "early machine guns".