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    Illingworth named Big 12 Newcomer of the Week

    This is wrong. Mason Rudolph started QB in 2014 and Illingworth had an incompletion. He threw the ball away instead of taking a sack.
  2. okstate987

    Tulsa Post Game Thread

    O line was fixed. Then Galloway retired, and we had to kick Bray and Farrell off the team. 2 starters and one backup gone. Throw in 3 in game injuries, and we are literally down 6 olinemen from the off season. Think about that for a second.
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    There are very few principled people these days. All they care about is "owning" the other side. Not how it happens, or more importantly the what the long term consequences of those actions are. Its incredibly juvenile and short sighted.
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    Wallace - no targets

    No he wasn't, but he set the freahman record for pasing yards with 436:
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    2020 election thread

    No, that is not why people are outraged. He rated the lockdown as the second largest intrusion of civil liberties in US history while ignoring the following: - The trail of tears - Japanese Internment Camps - Mass spying and privacy intrusions done by his own office Its just a laughable...
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    NVIDIA is king again!

    Very nice! I have heard the 5700xt bios runs on regular 5700's just fine, so that is a super economical approach. I haven't had a top of the line machine since the late 2000's, but with power becoming more affordable and being able to do modular upgrades, I am gonna aim high with the zen 3 and...
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    NVIDIA is king again!

    I mean, this is to be expected when only 30,000 units are available worldwide at launch. I will be waiting a couple months and plan to get the new Radeon flagship card, whatever that ends up being.
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    2020 election thread

    Trump pushed the Big 10 to play a few weeks back, and nothing happened until now. He didn't continue pushing, nor did he even take credit for getting them to play which is very un-Trump like. If he had anything to do with it, we would not hear the end of him trying to take credit for it. But...
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    2020 election thread

    I don't think you know what a point is. The people who give him credit are going to be the same people who were already voting for him in the first place. Do you really think there is that many undecideds right now? This is not going to move the needle when there are about 30 things that are...
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    2020 election thread

    None of that makes it the truth though. If CFB was a cluster these first two weeks, this wouldn't have happened.
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    2020 election thread

    Yeah, you really think Trump had something to do with that? That seems incredibly delusional to me. The Big 10 saw a couple weeks of football go with few issues and didnt want to be left out. They also have no bye weeks and a 5% team covid threshhold, so there are going to be cancelled games.
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    NVIDIA is king again!

    I've read availability is going to be absolute shit for awhile, so that makes sense. Let's hope Radeon does a bit better on that front.
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    The Market Thread

    Nvidia just bought ARM for $40 billion. Not a great thing for the industry long term IMO.
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    Dallas Cowboys permitted to protest Anthem...

    Not to mention that blacks have on average 1/10 the net worth of whites, 2 to 3 times the incarceration rates for the same crimes as whites, etc. A lot of people dont want to see what is plainly there.
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    NVIDIA is king again!

    That is true, however, depending on the pricepoints of the Radeon cards, we could see prices pretty close to the RX 5700xt, but with a lot more power. I feel like I will be able to get a decent deal on a Zen 3 chip and a Radeon card, it is the 4k monitor that I am balking at. Those are still...