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  1. OkState1974 Preview: Central Michigan vs. Oklahoma State

    Maybe the most important stat of the day, other than the blown call was this. 1-11 on 3rd downs. could not make the plays when we needed to. Extremely frustrating game to watch.
  2. OkState1974

    Men's Golf Regionals

    Women's was 5. I would assume the men's would be the same.
  3. OkState1974

    SEMO at OSU baseball

    no. OSU production. there is alink but when you get there you get Jason White (?!) then a black screen
  4. OkState1974

    SEMO at OSU baseball

    anyone else having trouble with the stream?
  5. OkState1974

    OSU at Wichita State

    Does anyone know why we would play 2 games in Wichita?
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    OSU Women 2022 Equestrian Champions

    Twice the number of schools with gymnastics!
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    Will NCAA IARP move along after March Madness

    Ban the coach for life for penalties. All cheating would stop. If their paycheck depends on it, they will comply. Even (or especially) after they leave for greener pastures. (see John Calipari)
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    Ferrari family needs prayers

    State Senator Herschal Crow. It's all about your representation in the State Legislature. Why is there a turnpike from I-40 to McAlester, you ask? State Senator Gene Stipe. These guys were in the Legislature for decades (before term limits!) Now no one stays long enough to...
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    Big 12 Wrestling 2019-BOK Center

    2022 Big XII Wrestling Championship All Sessions Tickets Mar 05, 2022 Tulsa, OK | Ticketmaster Here is a link to purchase Big 12 Wrestling Tournament 2022 Tickets. I could not figure out how to start a new thread. Thread title (3 years late) might get some attention!! If you get...
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    OSU v. Columbia (Wrestling)

    ABout 2 hours . Sometimes less if falls are involved
  11. OkState1974

    OSU v. Air Force (Wrestling)

    285 End of 2 Surber WIns by FALL!!! OSU WINS DUAL 45-0 on to Wyoming!
  12. OkState1974

    OSU v. Air Force (Wrestling)

    285 Luke Surber End of 1 Surber Leads 4-1
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    OSU v. Air Force (Wrestling)

    197 Ferrari Wins 19-4 Tech Fall OSU Leads Dual 39-0
  14. OkState1974

    OSU v. Air Force (Wrestling)

    197 End of 2 Ferrari Leads 16-4
  15. OkState1974

    OSU v. Air Force (Wrestling)

    197 AJ Ferrari!! End of 1st Ferrari leads 12-2