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    Oklahoma State vs Tulsa Score Prediction Thread

    55-21 OSU
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    How is OSU football gonna work...

    If 15-20 guys have COVID they're likely shutting it down for 2 weeks and not playing. It won't matter that there are 80 or 90 other guys to put on the field. And it won't matter that the COVID had nothing to do with playing football when players are getting it by hanging out with their...
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    Homecoming Festivities Canceled

    Couldn't they have just scaled Homecoming back a bit instead of canceling it? House decs 1/4 the size so students don't have to pomp together, parade with band members 3 wide in the street for social distancing, etc. Walkaround wouldn't have drawn 100,000 people, or even 50,000 people this...
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    Inviting Former Players Back I've always envied the way OU's former players came back to campus and stayed connected to the program...
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    Finding Big Country on ESPN tonight

    Tulsa World says at 8pm but TV Guide app says 7pm.
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    Tesla Tulsa?

    I've heard rumors that when Austin was in the running for Amazon HQ2 there were people who did not want it because Austin is struggling with overloaded infrastructure already. Same people, for same reasons, don't want Tesla.
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    Basketball Team Expectations

    I think it will be a 3-guard, occasionally a 4-guard, line-up. I'm not sure it will matter too much especially if they run that weave out top. I could have easily just said G-G-G-F-C instead of PG-SG-SF-PF-C.
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    Basketball Team Expectations

    Agree, it's a ton of rotation. But if Boynton doesn't give these guys playing time then half of them will be in the transfer portal at the end of the year.
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    Basketball Team Expectations

    I would guess something like this PG - Cunningham 25% (10 min), Likekele 50% (20 min), Anderson 25% (10 min), Harris (redshirt) SG - Flavors 55% (22 min), Walker 45% (18 min) SF - Williams 40% (16 min), Cunningham 45% (18 min), Ke.Boone 15% (6 min) PF - Ka.Boone 20% (8 min), Moncrieffe 60% (24...
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    CJ Moore enters transfer portal

    This makes me sad. CJ could have been our next great receiver.
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    Baseball vs Little Rock

    Yes, appreciate the updates
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    Cowgirls at Texas Tech

    I've only watched a few Cowgirl games this year. Top-to-bottom I think there is more athleticism on this team than most years in the past but nobody can shoot except Vivian! Half of them probably couldn't make a layup 50% of the time. Mack is a good player. Vivian is a good player but knows...
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    MBB: BEDLAM Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma Sooners (ABC @2PM TOMMORROW)

    No. Iowa State has a lottery pick player and they still suck.
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    MBB: BEDLAM Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma Sooners (ABC @2PM TOMMORROW)

    Boynton needs to call a team meeting on Monday and say .. .seniors you had your shot. It's now time to move towards the future of the program and young guys start getting the majority of the minutes.
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    Soooo, This Baseball Scandal....

    If that is the case then the Cardinals weren't stealing signs!