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    Cowgirl Softball - Standings

    Also keep in mind that OU has had a lot of 5 inning games so their pitchers likely have thrown less innings.
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    NCAA Tourney: Cowgirl soccer

    Halftime and Cowgirls up 5-0 over South Alabama
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    Appreciate the updates
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    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    We're used to getting into the paint and getting freethrows. Not happening with this physical play in the paint.
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    2021 NCAA Wrestling Championship: Megathread!

    Appreciate the updates
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    Would you rather? Basketball

    Given the choice ... next year. We know our record is good enough to go dancing this year. We don't know how we'll do next year.
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    Cowgirls softball schedule

    Any more updates? Appreciate the posts.
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    Boynton Doghouse?

    Keylan is a force on the boards but he needs to shoot 300 shots a day after practice. His shot just isn't going down.
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    Cowboys takes down #6 Texas in Double Overtime! OSU is GOOD. #23 KU Next

    I enjoy watching this OSU team play. And I haven't said that in a long, long time. Offensive sets and motion are much improved this year. So much better than the figure 8 weave at the top of the key and then jack up a 3! Now if they would just reduce all the stupid turnovers.
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    Cowboys takes down #6 Texas in Double Overtime! OSU is GOOD. #23 KU Next

    For as much energy and creativity Avery Anderson brings offensively, my god he's a turnover machine.
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    Cowboys (11-4) WIN against Arkansas Razorbacks! HMCB 3-1 in Big 12/SEC. @ TCU on WEDNESDAY

    Cowboys are really fun to watch. If only they would only limit the turnovers! I dare say they WOULD bring the rowdy back to GIA if a full house was allowed. The crowd has been pretty good as is.
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    Jelani Woods

    Jelani could catch the ball if you hit him in the chest with the pass. Just don't expect him to reach over his head or below his waist and pull it in. He could, and should, have been used a lot more running 5-10 yard slants and hitch routes.
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Christian

    That was a horrible set of play calls. Come on Dunn and Gundy