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    Gundy’s comments today- the non sports parts

    It is always nice to link your the study you reference.
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    Gundy’s comments today- the non sports parts

    Well, so far our "Leader" has responded like we are a 3rd world country. Have fun with that.
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    2020 SG Rondel Walker Signs with OSU

    Boy, all looks go except his weight. Could be pushed around easily when playing D
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    Thurman Thomas - Days of awesomeness

    CC was correct - Sun Bowl turned into the Snow Bowl. I was there and also at the Ice Bowl in Stilly. The Sun/Snow bowl started out great weather, lots of spectators in shorts and T's. Then the front hit. I had a sweat shirt in hand - that was it. Was very cold, they were using newly bought push...
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    Football 2021 TE Landen King

    Seems a lot of tight end offers - why?
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    And the Cuts begin
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    NCAA grants year of eligibility back to spring sports athletes

    Wow. So budget remains the same (?). Up to schools to give the crushing blow to seniors and freshman commits @ scholarly amount award. "Schools will be able to offer less (or zero) aid or match what they provided this year. Up to each school for each athlete."
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    Big12 Baseball and O’Brate opening

    Loved it, thanks. Thanks to Cecil, always. Loved reporter Eric's: "But on this cold and windy Friday in March of 2020, the new cozy environs, known as O’Brate Stadium, all wrapped up in a fresh bow and with that new car smell, was saying it was ready for its closeup, Mr. DeMille. " My wife...
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    Football 2021 DT Solomon Wright

    Sorry, don't know the protocol in this forum. 6 ft ~ 270 DT. Had to reach back, he is considered a Legacy. 247 indicates an offer from us but his Warn is ISU - i mean why? Just wondering...
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    TGFG Thank God for Golf

    Wow the last event I thought would be canceled. Just states that lawyers f_ing win
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    NCAA cancels remaining winter and spring championships

    What the heck is MSM? Please don't tell me it is some network?
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    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Would you care to be a Little more Specific?
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    MBB: Despite our best efforts. KU defeats the Cowboys 58-83.

    Think they were down at least one of their stars when they played in Stilly. Hope springs eternal. Compliment Cam on his monster last game, just hope he will still go inside and not become that 3 point shooter he can sometimes become. Worries me now that he had that high % 3 pt vs ou.