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    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    Yep. Not worth anything this year. In previous seasons they are generally pretty good. This year it's comically (or insulting-ly) WAY off.
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    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    Texas is 12, Baylor is 24, we are 28.
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    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    They have us one spot behind Miami.
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    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    There is a saying that every model is wrong some models are useful. Found this description on the ESPN page that lists their FPI rankings. They say they run a bunch of simulations (which means a model of some sort) but they don't say what they are using in any real detail...
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    Oklahoma State/Iowa State 2:30 on Fox

    Power Rankings is independent of the FPI. They are an opinion based ranking where FPI is purely computer based. This year FPI is all kinds of messed up. They have ISU at 9, Texas at 12 and Baylor at 24. Florida is still ranked high and Clemson is 10 along with all kinds of other issues. From...
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    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

    Ending with /s is the widely accepted notation
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    Week 7 Coaches Poll

    Difference between a person's ranking and their computer generated rankings. People see us as being solid, I'm guessing the computer isn't taking something into account.
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    Week 7 Coaches Poll ESPN really doesn't think highly of us. This explains the nearly 80-20 FPI in favor of Texas yesterday and the same for Iowa State this coming week. For B12: Texas at 12, ISU at 9...
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    I re-watched last years Texas game last night...

    Totally get that... I was on a date with my now wife at a restaraunt/bar that had the 2011 ISU game on trying to avoid seeing it because I know it was getting recorded. Some douche kept making comments and even told me we lost as the two of us were heading out. She got mad at me when I walked...
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    Random Thoughts... and a Rant or Two... and Probably a Dead Horse Beating As Well

    Is that total or per drop back/pass attempt? Hard to give up a lot of sacks when you run it 50 times a game.
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    Big12 vs ACC in week 1

    This is so far away from an even comparison. Yes it is true, but really that's what you want to compare to make yourself feel better. Clemson lost to GA, Miami lost to Bama and North Carolina lost to VT. While VT is far from a powerhouse, all three of those games were against legit opponents...
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    Yes they allow exemptions for certain reasons depending on the area but 90%+ (don't quote me on the percentage) follow it and don't fight or even think about it. Why this is so different is beyond me. It's a vaccine that works and we are having huge waves of people getting critically I'll from...
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    I knew someone that tried to get out of the small pox vaccine because of the scar. They tried to claim religious reasons. Said it was like a tattoo. Don't remember how that played out. I also had a lot of shots that I had no choice in and some I didn't really want to take (4 anthrax shots and...
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    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    B12 teams would have openings due to fewer conf games. But what about P12 teams, where do their openings in the schedule come from? Do they take a game less in conference to play a B12 team?
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    Football 2022 LB Jordan Crook

    I like the correlation between number of posts and information. I need to get my post count way up so I'll suddenly know more.