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  1. Mfa6677

    Baseball vs WVU

    If anyone needs two standing room only tickets for today I can email them to you. Stuck in Wichita. Update. Taken.
  2. Mfa6677

    KSU at OSU baseball

    And sent! Cheer for me
  3. Mfa6677

    KSU at OSU baseball

    I need name and email and I can transfer them to you
  4. Mfa6677

    KSU at OSU baseball

    I have two SRO tickets available for today’s game. Stuck in Wichita and can’t go
  5. Mfa6677

    KSU at OSU baseball

    As of now I have two SRO tickets for tonight’s game I’m not going to be able to use
  6. Mfa6677

    OSU vs Illinois State this weekend

    I have 2 SRO tickets available for today Let me know and I can transfer them. First come First serve
  7. Mfa6677

    Home baseball opener vs UALR

    I have standing room only tickets available
  8. Mfa6677

    Cowboy Baseball

    I’m Thursday am so I’m a bit nervous
  9. Mfa6677

    News flash!

    definitely not a fire gundy type but this is an example of why gundy is easily criticized and is trending down
  10. Mfa6677

    Gundy/HC threads merged

  11. Mfa6677

    Chuba NFL bound

    I’m willing to have a friendly wager that he won’t go Undrafted.
  12. Mfa6677

    Crazy B12

    Postponement makes me sad. Had five bets with only OU to win the game left to win
  13. Mfa6677

    Dreaded sense of inevitability

    . Says the guy that sits around message boards waiting to chastise fans for their inevitable ramblings about coaches
  14. Mfa6677

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

    Nope. You just choose to be the one that sells out your son that worked in the athletic department to win the interwebz. But I will agree that you aren’t an idiot
  15. Mfa6677

    HCMG is 1-0 in Big 12 Openers in the 2020's.

    “Wvu will win the natty in basketball this year. “.........Nolaeer. (2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018,2019,2020.........)