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    VOTE! Dunn and Dickey

    Wow, I didn't realize that we pay Coach Dickey a top 20 salary for offensive line coaches. We ought to be able to hire a decent replacement with that type of money if a change is made. 1. Kyle Flood, Texas --...
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    Does anyone know which QB has the most wins

    Most career wins at OSU for a starting quarterback: Mason Rudolph - 32 Spencer Sanders - 31 Mike Gundy - 28 Spencer has been very successful, but his total win number has been bolstered by the fact that he's started for four full years. Most quarterbacks don't get that opportunity. It also...
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    Sam Mayes as OL Coach?

    I'm more intrigued by the prospects of Charlie Johnson. He won a Superbowl and played nearly a decade in the NFL. He would definitely have street cred for recruiting. Plus he already coaches in Stillwater at the high school level. I agree with what's noted above though. Our best bet would...
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    can we admit sanders was never ”it”?

    Spencer Sanders' touchdown to interception ratio by year: 2019 - 1.5:1 2020 - 1.8:1 2021 - 1.7:1 2022 - 1.9:1 Spencer has hovered right around this area for most of his career, regardless of how much talent he's had around him. I thought that he had turned a corner early this season, but he now...
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    Mass Shooting(s)

    This sounds like a massive failure by our justice system. How do you allow someone like this to walk free? He should be in prison with no hope of ever purchasing or owning a firearm legally. From the article: Aldrich was arrested in 2021 after his mother reported to police he was threatening to...
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    can we admit sanders was never ”it”?

    Big 12 touchdown pass to interception ratios: Max Duggan - 8.7 :1 Jalon Daniels - 6.5:1 Adrian Martinez - 6:1 Will Howard - 5.5:1 Dillon Gabriel - 3.6:1 Jason Bean - 3.5:1 Quinn Ewers - 2.3:1 Spencer Sanders - 1.9:1 Blake Shapen - 1.6:1 Donovan Smith - 1.5:1 JT Daniels - 1.4:1 Hunter Dekkers -...
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    Dunn isn’t the problem

    Coach Dunn has shown some signs of life this year as our OC. We averaged 44.7 points per game through our first seven games. That ranked in the top 5 nationally. If your production falls off significantly after injuries, that means you don't have enough quality depth. That's more about...
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    If Rangel is healthy, he needs to start Saturday

    It seems like we've been hearing this same statement for the past few years. That's an indictment of our offensive line coach. I had a lot of respect for the lines he put on the field at K-State, but it hasn't worked out here.
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    If Rangel is healthy, he needs to start Saturday

    That's very true. That being said, I've heard some rumblings that Zane Flores is better than Garret Rangel. So he may not even be the next guy in line to start. I think that you have to play the player that gives you the best chance to win, and let the chips fall where they may behind him.
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    If Rangel is healthy, he needs to start Saturday

    You have to look at the full body of work. Our offense put up 40+ points against TCU, Texas, and Texas Tech with Spencer Sanders under center. OU dominated the line of scrimmage last night, and he struggled. But he's clearly given us the best opportunity to win this year when he's been healthy.
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    If Rangel is healthy, he needs to start Saturday

    You always play the player that gives you the best chance to win the game. The idea of benching seniors after you’ve lost the opportunity to play in the conference championship game is silly. If SS is healthy, he should be starting. Besides all that, he said recently that he hasn’t made a...
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    can we admit sanders was never ”it”?

    Spencer Sanders doesn’t have great mechanics, he isn’t overly durable, and he has a career touchdown pass to interception ratio of less than 2 to 1. He has 9 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions this year against P5 competition. He’s a good college quarterback, but not a great one. That being...
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    2022 Survival Pool Week 12

    Congratulations SlurrrPup! You won the tiebreaker and the championship!
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    2022 Survival Pool Week 12

    Thanks for playing, and congrats on making it to the final week! :thumbup: