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    Screw you
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    Larry Fedora Fired from Baylor

    What he said
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    Well? Now what?

    So what happens next? These people accomplished something that’s hasn’t been done in 150 years. The elite power structure along with the elected power were in fear for their lives! There were many more that wanted to take part. There’s obviously something broken with us as a whole. Even before...
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    Well? Now what?

    No crossing streams here.
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    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    Fact. HC job at UO has to be above all else, a sociopath.
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    Well? Now what?

    Well said.
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    Well? Now what?

    Dang. Sad day. All the way around there’s more than enough caca for us all to chew on.
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    How do we fix the bowls?

    I liked my idea of only 2nd and 3rd strings playing but this idea has some merit.
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    How do we fix the bowls?

    Simple. All minor bowls have to be played by second and third strings. Let’s find out who really is the best coach.
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    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    Maybe the man loves real challenges.
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    See...Oklahoma is business friendly.

    Short answer. Biggly. They use a special processor that makes thc extracts. Can be sativa dominant or indica dominant. First one is an up lifting feel and the other is the stereotypical weed high like in the movies. Obviously, mixing the two main strains creates a hybrid. These are what you hear...
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    Cowboys (7-2) WIN 82-77 OT against #13 Texas Tech. Next up #9 WVU in GIA MONDAY

    Reading through that was crazier than the game. Thanks poke fans:popcorn:
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    News flash!

    When you put it like that, I want to start over and be a coach.
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    Lowering taxes on the wealthy make them more wealth, and little else.

    The way I see it. 1. The billionaire can pay whatever they wish and when they wish it. The tax code isn’t effecting them. They will just retire if it does. Or move. 2. The millionaire can also adjust themselves on the fly too, unless they’re just beginning. Even at 3-5 million worth is enough...