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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Thermal hunting Scopes

    I ended up getting an ATN 320 LT. Works great. Doesn't have the ability to video the shoot, but its pretty awesome. I can see birds in trees from 100 yds.
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Morel Mushrooms

    Life span of about 14 days after they sprout I'm told. Look for where water would run off your property under trees, they will be on the sides of that. Needs to be somewhat of a moist location. We find ours under old oaks. Look for a whitish brain looking fungus sticking out of the leaves like...
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    Morel Mushrooms

    4/18/21 About 7 lbs worth. SW Stillwater
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    Silly Picture Thread

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    Lincoln Riley’s attempt at a brisket...

    Hes getting roasted on Twitter. The comments are hilarious ...
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    Chris Beard to. Texass

    Would be great to see Sean Sutton get another chance at head coach.
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    Lon Kruger retiring

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    Bracketology *Pokes are a 4 seed in The Dance*
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    Bitter COLD in Oklahoma!

    He has a weird bark!! Lol.