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    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

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    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    Terry Miller was a two time All American who finished 2nd in the 1977 Heisman Trophy race and 4th in the 1976 Heisman race. He was drafted 5th overall in 1978. He was the star of our only Big 8 Title.
  3. LakeCowboy

    Dunn is in over his head

    He didn't have Spring football or a normal summer or fall camp w/o COVID interruptions. On top of that his QB gets hurt in the 1st quarter of the first game. We don't know how many games will actually be played this season and what impact the 2020 schedule and COVID will have on the 2021...
  4. LakeCowboy

    Dunn is in over his head

    We won't have any idea about Dunn one way or the other until 2021, maybe 2022.
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    LD Brown is explosive

    It's only two games, LD definitely looks like the better RB through 2 games. It's only two games.
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    Post Game Thread WVU edition

    I got annoyed in the stands hearing a lady a few seats down screaming at us for running the ball right before half. We have a true freshman QB in week 2 playing w/ limited practice/offseason in a close game. You're hoping Chuba or LD can break one before the half or put you in FG range, not...
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    Your "First-10" Ring of Honor Nominees?

    I don't think he has the accolades, but I think Dez Bryant is one of the best football players to wear the orange and white. I'd stop at 5 for a while. Thurman Barry Fenimore O'Neal Miller 6th I'd probably go Weeden for the one Gundy era player in 2031 celebrating the 20 year anniversary...
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    PFB blog

    He's got Kyle on blast, its awesome
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    PFB blog

    PFB is trash