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  1. jetman

    Cale Gundy resigns after saying "horrible word"

    Yeah this story seemed totally ridiculous, but if Gundy said it multiple times, he's an idiot. Although, channel 9 just read Cale's statement and he says he didn't realize what he was reading and when he said the word he was horrified. So someone isn't telling the truth. Just don't know who...
  2. jetman

    DNC has truly become a parody of itself

    That's literally all that guy does is Zzz posts.
  3. jetman

    The Biden Administration Thread

    White House Hires "This Is Fine" Dog As New Press Secretary
  4. jetman

    Hunter Biden cover up

    In other my homework for me, try to convince me or it didn't happen. No thanks.
  5. jetman

    Hunter Biden cover up

    I guess you don't remember the part about Trump trying to get Hunter Biden investigated? Then we had a long list of current and former FBI officials signing a document that the whole Hunter Biden laptop deal was Russian disinfo. LOL, we have people at the beginning of this thread talking...
  6. jetman

    The Biden Administration Thread

    This is the same clown show administration that bragged about saving everyone $0.16 on the price of a 4th of July cookout last year. The same clown show administration that brags about "the fastest economic growth on record" when we are coming out of government ordered business shutdowns from...
  7. jetman

    Hunter Biden cover up

    LMAO. OK. The facts have been out but the media continues to totally ignore it or bury it completely. Hilarious that people are finally coming around to something that people were called conspiracy theorists about 2 years ago. If the FBI goes to these lengths to cover up for the POS Hunter...
  8. jetman

    Rx Summer Thread #4: Where did you live in Stillwater?

    Lived many places around Stillwater, but the 2 most memorable where on Ramsey St. right across the street from Wendy's. We were the 2nd house on the block on the west side of the street. It was a big party house that we rented from "Uncle Rob" at Cartunes. 5 bedroom house with full...
  9. jetman

    DNC has truly become a parody of itself

    Yeah, nailed it, I'm really taking offense.
  10. jetman

    DNC has truly become a parody of itself

    LOL, knew someone would goaltend for her fake a**.
  11. jetman

    DNC has truly become a parody of itself
  12. jetman

    Active shooter at Texas elementary school

    So much for the active shooter training they had a couple months before this. All went totally out the window.
  13. jetman

    Texas Energy Grid

    I remember when people from Texas used to talk energy grid smack.
  14. jetman

    Good Guy with a gun?

    You said that good guys with guns stopping mass shootings was a myth. You were proven wrong several times over. What exactly are we defending by pointing out that you are wrong?