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  1. jetman

    Mass Shooting(s)

    He'd probably call my 12 gauge Mossberg a weapon of war because I have it all tricked out with tacticool stuff like a breacher barrel, heat shield, flash light mount, and a short stock. Looks cool as hell and thats all I did it for because it shoots exactly the same as any other home defense...
  2. jetman

    Mass Shooting(s)

    So now we're changing from "assault rifles" to all semi-automatic weapons?
  3. jetman

    Spencer Sanders at Bedlam

    Things would've been different if he didn't have to stand behind a swiss cheese line. He was running for his life on almost every play.
  4. jetman

    Mass Shooting(s)

    Did it though? I get that the fentanyl argument in this thread is a derail. Just curious about that question because of how you worded that sentence.
  5. jetman

    Mass Shooting(s)

    Are you saying that you do walk around worrying about getting shot while shopping, eating, and working? That thought doesn't enter my head at all. I mean, I'm not saying it isn't a possibility that it could happen, but I'll deal with it if I ever get into that situation. I'm not going to...
  6. jetman

    Sam Mayes as OL Coach?

    Yes. Exactly. It's basically..."hey, this would be an awesome idea because this guy played here and he loves OSU and will never leave (even though in Sam's case he talked sh*t about the program for several years so he could work his way up in OKC sports radio in fit in with the OU dominated...
  7. jetman

    Deadlam 2022

    After the OSU defense woke up after the first quarter, it was quite the defensive battle on both sides.
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    The Biden Administration Thread
  9. jetman

    Worst loss of the season?

    The Kstate loss will be brought up in conversation 20 years from now. The others this season not so much.
  10. jetman

    Worst loss of the season?

    Kansas St. was the worst loss as Gundy's tenure as a head coach.
  11. jetman

    Black Hebrew Israelites

    Where did this happen? Because it would've been huge news.
  12. jetman

    Cowboys (3-2) Defeats DePaul University. Next up Tulsa Hurricanes on FRIDAY #LetsWork

    So it's that easy? Just agree to not do it anymore?
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    Hear Me Out

  14. jetman

    Deadlam 2022

    I told everyone I talked to this week about bedlam that ou would come out and play their best game of the season. I was wrong, they only came out and played their best quarter of the season but that's all they needed to do.