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    I personally know a guy that has tested positive for over 8 weeks. He's never has a single symptom. He can't seem to get a neg test, and the guy has never been sick. This thing gets more confusing every single day.
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    TSA Explosives K9 Retires

    I think we all could use a little feel good news from time to time. This made me smile.
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    I agree, but still, there are some people here I have no interest in meeting. Jes' sayin'.
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    Done discussing opinions on current events

    How in the heck did he get that far off the road? Wow.
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    OSU mascot help

    Couple of different shotguns there. One looks to be a Stoger hammerless coach gun. The other one looks to be a double hammer gun, but I'm unsure of the make and/or model. The revolver is indeed a Ruger Super Blackhawk. It was initially shipped from the factory in 2011, so it's new. I'm pretty...
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    Scared rich people

    They should have locked their doors, and taken up positions on the balcony. They're stupid. They're also assholes. They are literally on an island here. The po-po and the DA hate them because of their civil rights suits against the city/county/PD. The right despises them for their left lean. The...
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    Wayfair Scandal

    Wait, wut? Are you telling me there are things out there on the internets that are not true? Are you serious? :confused:
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    Tucker Carlson is Fake News

    Ain't that the awful truth.
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    Tucker Carlson is Fake News

    Vandals and anarchists don't vote.
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    Woman shot trying to remove Nazi flag from mans yard in Enid

    Where do you work? Asking for a friend.
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    Woman shot trying to remove Nazi flag from mans yard in Enid

    It was Budweiser. He didn't pay his bill, and they cut his rotten ass off. I heard a story, but did not witness, someone giving him a hard time about it and the bastard whipped a pistol out from under the bar and invited the guy to leave. He also doesn't allow hats to be worn inside, by men...
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    Tucker Carlson is Fake News

    Response? What response?