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  1. Hayduke

    OSU Pro Day

    Thanks for updates.
  2. Hayduke

    Football Spring Practice| Cancelled til March 29th

    I don't understand what I'm looking at. Normally the athletic department puts out really nice stuff, but the calendar thing is messy and I'm pretty sure the 12 is either in the wrong place or it should be a 13. Or I'm just not reading any of it correctly, also possible.
  3. Hayduke

    Corn Dog should see some action today.

    Jarrell had two sacks last game, .5 sack behind the league leader for the season.
  4. Hayduke

    Tyrell Alexander

    McKaufman is the one I had really high hopes for and is now in the portal. You also have to remember, if I remember correctly, that they can always choose to stay!
  5. Hayduke

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    I like the way all of this shook out.
  6. Hayduke

    OSU Coaching changes thread

    Is Dunn actually staying? If Gundy knew [unimpressive] Gleeson was leaving and convinced Dunn to stay by giving him the OC job, i'd be happy about that. But, reports are saying Gundy tried to hire Monken when he ended up with Gleeson, so obviously he'd love to have Monken back on staff. How do...
  7. Hayduke

    Official Texas Bowl Thread: Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    Some seriously ticky-tacky calls on Rodarius so far.
  8. Hayduke

    What your Bedlam record?

    7-24-1 OU has been ranked in the Top 10 fifteen times. OSU was the higher ranked team only four times. It makes sense. Fortunately, it has no bearing on the outcome of future Bedlams.
  9. Hayduke

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    Hopefully Dru can improve upon last week and be a threat with his arm (and, ideally, his legs). That will help open things up for Chuba, who needs a big day if he wants to go to NYC. Defensively; more of the same, please!
  10. Hayduke

    Hurts- a one man show

    Hurts will be fun to watch and it's always nice to see the Cowboys go against great talent. Which is what will happen on Saturday. Personally, I can't wait for all of the fake injuries from Sooner defenders though, that's my favorite part of Bedlam. Maybe the OSU tempo has slowed down this...
  11. Hayduke

    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    I have had him on ignore for quite a while, but the other guy will say things worth reading sometimes so I don't ignore him.
  12. Hayduke

    Knowles and Our Defensive Evolution

    Herecomesbullets, send me your name please. I'll ask Coach Gundy "Do you know _____? Have you accepted coaching and recruiting advice from him? Is he the puppetmaster behind your success like he claims to be?" We'll just see what he says, yes or no. Then you two can quit arguing, the winner...
  13. Hayduke

    Random Bedlam Memories

    Rushing the field in 2011. Waiting at the stadium for the players to return after winning in Norman in 2014.
  14. Hayduke

    Texas Bowl vs aTm

    I'd be stoked for any of those matchups. Sure beats Purdue or Mizzou.
  15. Hayduke

    Week 10 big 12 power rankings

    I could hardly believe what I was reading. I thought to myself "surely he hasn't actually copy and pasted an entire paragraph of stats about their MAC-caliber QBs older brother's stats from 2012 as justification for their MAC-caliber QB being a reason for optimism." But, he did.