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  1. Duke Silver

    VOTE! Dunn and Dickey

    Probably. And I bet Harrell would come here in an instant. Or meach
  2. Duke Silver

    VOTE! Dunn and Dickey

    I think we go back to an air raid type offense next year. Unless Spencer stays. If he goes our current and future qbs are not “zone read” type qbs
  3. Duke Silver


    Sometimes my name would be tommy
  4. Duke Silver


    Does anyone remember before we were good? Before bps? Well outside of Lewis field this group would give away blankets if you signed up for a credit card. It was before email so my information was. My name is Jenny. My number is 867-5309
  5. Duke Silver

    2023 outlook

    Yep. No matter how many times they say it, the holgy stuff still didn’t happen that way
  6. Duke Silver

    Big 12 Week 12 Games:

    Blake shapen is majorly inconsistent
  7. Duke Silver

    Need help. Maybe professionally.

    Which one?
  8. Duke Silver

    Big 12 Week 12 Games:

    You still post
  9. Duke Silver

    WK 12 - Final Score Prediction -OSU vs WVU:

    He’s a fuc———- moron posting stupid crap to be a jerk
  10. Duke Silver

    Big 12 Week 12 Games:

    They choose who they choose. It doesn’t matter what they rank. They are choosing Texas. Just freaking stop posting
  11. Duke Silver

    Big 12 Week 12 Games:

    That doesn’t mean crap. They pick who they pick
  12. Duke Silver

    Not ready to go/not prepared for Bedlam????

    What started the year we were better by 4 possessions. What we stretchered out there Saturday, you got what we had left
  13. Duke Silver

    Sam Mayes as OL Coach?

    This right here. We have a winner!!!
  14. Duke Silver

    Gundy radio show