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  1. Dirty Steve

    The Biden Administration Thread

    The FAA just grounded the Fox News drone.
  2. Dirty Steve

    Cancel Culture!!!

    So, Mike is running the roost, eh?
  3. Dirty Steve

    Cancel Culture!!!

    To quote Bill Cosby, that's the dumbest thing I've heard in my life.
  4. Dirty Steve

    Cancel Culture!!!

    This is no longer a serious country. Absolute nonsense in every direction. If ever there was an opportunity for a teaching moment, this was it.
  5. Dirty Steve

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    I'm leaning toward the Remnants
  6. Dirty Steve


    Seinfeld - Kramer and the Dominicans - YouTube
  7. Dirty Steve

    Critical race theory in Idaho

    I have about a dozen family members who farm and either receive government payments and/or have direct or guaranteed loans. The Pigford, Keepseagle and female lawsuits were all full of fraud, and the current Biden debt forgiveness plan is also. In fact, the government has essentially invited...
  8. Dirty Steve

    Critical race theory in Idaho

    Man, the Koolaid is strong in this one.
  9. Dirty Steve

    Biden’s war on small business

    I'm sure they ran the numbers and found out such an increase will disproportionately impact white folks. We good. #equity
  10. Dirty Steve

    and the free agency begins . . .

    It's been a couple of years since I looked, but circa 2018-19 there were only a handful of athletic departments around the country that generated enough revenue to cover expenses. OSU was using around $7 million in student fees to make ends meet.
  11. Dirty Steve

    Biden taps VP Harris to handle Southern Border Crisis

    False or exaggerated stories inevitably do more harm to the conservative/libertarian cause. Only the parties involved truly know the logistics of this story, but most of us have no interest in consuming click bait. If profit is the only motive, I'd advise the Post to just join the other 95% of...
  12. Dirty Steve

    Biden taps VP Harris to handle Southern Border Crisis

    I did not. I heard yesterday that a non profit was possibly buying books to put in their "welcome kits".
  13. Dirty Steve

    The Biden Administration Thread

    When you have no guiding principles and zero understanding of the world outside DC, it's all theatre.
  14. Dirty Steve

    Andrew Yang for Mayor of NYC

    This is more to address the national question. The concept of a UBI, or similar, has been around for centuries. In this modern era of checkbook democracy, this would be an economic disaster for our country. No thanks. A Brief History of Basic Income Ideas (