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    Boise state

    Is this thread not about Boise State anymore?
  2. DemBoys

    Fall Sports

    Golf team won the Carmel Cup last week.
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    2021 Survival Pool Week 2

    C'mon man!
  4. DemBoys

    Big XII - Week 1

    Tulsa tied with UC-Davis 10-10 at halftime.
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    2021 Football Roster Talk

    2021 media guide (Did not see it posted elsewhere)
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    Pre-Season Football

    Marcell Ateman caught a 29 yard TD to put the Raiders ahead last night.
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    Former Cowboys in NFL Minicamps

    Matt banged one in from 54 yards on the Jets first drive. Had plenty of distance to have been good from 64.
  8. DemBoys

    Former Cowboys in NFL Minicamps

    Matt Ammendola is on the Jets roster and they had a second kicker as well but that guy missed a couple of kicks in the first preseason game so they told him to hit the road. So right now Matt is the only kicker they have. But kicking is a weird position in the NFL and teams bring in free agents...
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    Massey Prediction = 9-3

    Pretty sure we lost to ISU in 2018.
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    Does anyone know what happened to Rack? Dude was all over the board every day and then just suddenly quit posting almost 2 months ago. Doesn't appear to be banned.
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    Miss State fans at it again

    Ole Miss isn’t even playing bro.
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    Hovland wins the BMW Open on the Euro tour. First Norwegian to ever win on their tour. Vik said he was taking a couple of weeks off and get ready for the Open Championship.
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    OU Football Players Suspect in Armed Robbery

    That and DUI guy never even practiced with OSU much less suited up for a game.
  14. DemBoys

    Hovland Withdrawal?

    Got sand in his eye while warming up and it was really bothering him and he was playing poorly with no chance of making the cut so he shut it down.