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  1. DallasOSUCowboys34

    New OSU Podcast - Tape Doesn't Lie

    Hi guys, if anyone has any interest in a podcast that goes deep into OSU scheme and advanced stats/analytics (some that don't exist currently on the internet), you should give it a listen. Will post new episodes each week...
  2. DallasOSUCowboys34

    CFN Cactus prediction and write up.

    Seems somewhat accurate based on the info. Their defense is awesome, our OL is improving but still average at best. Their pass rush is strong, so I would expect a lot of short passes to try to take them out of the game.
  3. DallasOSUCowboys34

    This is Who We are Playing Against

    Regular season was pretty weak yes.....but slaughtered Duke (10 win team who should've beaten TAMU) and won the national title against Auburn. Considering those 2 facts I feel like the regular season argument is a waste.
  4. DallasOSUCowboys34

    This is Who We are Playing Against

    They do have the best secondary, by a pretty decent margin too. They did lose Joyner (who was up for Thorpe last year) and Terrence Brooks (who is a stud who might start for the Ravens), but have in mind who is replacing them. Jalen Ramsey is making the full time move to Safety, he was...
  5. DallasOSUCowboys34

    LB and Safety Situation?

    Averette looks raw but good god he can blow up people.
  6. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    I've seen it as high as -19. I don't think it will go higher than -20, but also don't think it will go down all that much either. My guess would be it settles in at -17.5.
  7. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    Not sure how "everything went their way". FSU killed everyone they played except Auburn, their average margin of victory was insane. Even against Auburn they played their worst game of the season (a lot if that had to do with Auburn) and still won.
  8. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    If Winston gets time in the pocket he will shred us. He's pretty solid at going through his progressions and making good, quick decisions. I would imagine Spencer will pull out all of his looks to try to create confusion. I do like our DEs coming off the edge, should definitely be a...
  9. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    Yep, we also have a pretty good set of corners, although have little depth there. I think the biggest separation between the two teams is confidence at QB and OL, which frankly could mean 15-20 points in itself.
  10. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    We catch FSU at a pretty bad time. Pro-FSU stuff 1. They have the best CB duo in the nation. Darby and PJ Williams are probably 2 of the top 5 CBs in the nation...and they play on the same team. 2. This will be the best offensive line in the nation. 2 possibly 3 1st round picks (Tre...
  11. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Expectations Game 1 FSU vs OKST

    I follow Florida State just as close as I do OSU. So I've got a good feel for both teams. This is a pretty significant mismatch in terms or guys that are ready to play right now. I think OSU is a team that will be prepared and coached better, but in the end the players will be too much to...
  12. DallasOSUCowboys34

    FSU Spring Game ESPN 2pm Saturday

    I've been a diehard FSU fan since I was 5 years old, so both OSU and FSU are my 2 favorite teams and follow them both closely. I would say your evaluation is not bad other than the talent level. I would say there is a significant difference in talent on both lines as FSU probably has 2 top 10...
  13. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Next Season Roster and Starters

    I would love for Terrell to be as good as Foster, but it's pretty crazy to call Terrell an "under the radar surprise". He's a Rivals 150 guy (#63 specifically) and has offers from UCONN and KU.
  14. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Football's four early enrollees

    Between Samples, Hill, Ateman, Shepard and Seales.....That's a lot of talent at WR. Curry, Ateman, Shepard, Seales, Hays all have ability to play outside WR. Which is good because I feel like we have always had a ton of slot WRs, but not enough physical WRs for the flanker spots. The idea...
  15. DallasOSUCowboys34

    Why is Murphy not rebounding?

    We were outrebounded 37-33. If you would've told me that before the game I would've probably ran around the neighborhood yelling in excitement. Murphy battled Embiid as good as he could, held him to 13 points in which 6 were off ally oop dunks where he wasn't guarding him at the time.