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    let me give you a little rundown on the cats

    I'm just going to assume that KSU will have some 4th string QB that will come in to rush & pass for about 320 combined yards & 3td's.
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    Boise state/Game a thread combined

    Not fond of the tourist towns, but the Sawtooths are pretty incredible.
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    This is my assumption of their intentions until proven otherwise.
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    USC penalties handed down (no post season ban)

    Even if they drop the post-season ban I expect them to delay announcement as long as possible. That could possibly cause an indirect post-season ban simply by limiting Boyton's 2021 recruiting ability with the unknown.
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    This has been my thought as well.
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    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    I actually over-estimated that by about double. It's actually about 20 miles from Cheney to Spokane. Never been to Cheney but have spent a couple days in Spokane. Another OSU might be a pretty good possibility. Losing at least 3 scholarship seniors with only 1 recruit committed. In the Elite 8...
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    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    They can move 2000 miles or 40 miles east to the possible reigning national champion.
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    Men's Basketball Enoch Boakye 2022 maybe reclassify as 2021

    OSU's recruiting feels pretty paralyzed by the appeal and ban. Boynton is having to try to recruit with his hands tied.
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    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Send someone down to chat with ORU coaches after the season to see what they do.
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    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    I don't really see Bryce returning. Sounds like he really hates school. Every likely returning player seems to have the aptitude to improve a lot before next season. But I believe Walker will make the biggest strides once they hone his shot. I think him & Anderson can be a really solid...
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    Basketball 2021/2022 - Potential Improvements

    Sadly, nothing really moves until the ruling for the appeal is released. I'm sure the NCAA won't get in any rush either way that they rule.
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    Loyal & True. Cowboy Basketball 20’-21’ Season Ends in a Second Round Exit against Oregon State. Pokes Finish 21-9 Overall. Proud and Immortal #NewEra

    As frustrating and nerve-wracking as our team can be, imagine being a UT fan. The Cowboys at least have the excuse of running out mostly underclassmen. The Longhorns had a very experienced backcourt.