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  1. Cowboy08

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma

    you mean turn us from a laughingstock into a perennial top 25 team? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Cowboy08

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    Maybe we join up with the PAC 12 since they are losing Stanford and only have 5 teams, including Little Rock who is a perfect geographic team for us as well as a top 10 program like Arizona State and OSU's own Chris Pendleton now the head coach of Oregon State. Basically anything is better...
  3. Cowboy08

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    I wish the Big 12 kept our 5 teams and joined forces with the ACC instead to form a wrestling conference since they only have 6 teams at least they have some real good programs like NC State, NC, Virginia Tech, Pitt etc
  4. Cowboy08

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    I agree Big 12 wrestling is dying a slow death by adding these garbage affiliate programs like Air Force, Utah Valley, Northern Colorado, Fresno State etc who just cannot compete. Doesn't help that West Virginia and 0u have been complete dumpster fires either
  5. Cowboy08

    Big XII losing Fresno State in wrestling

    They are cutting the wrestling program........again. I have a feeling this won't be the only Big 12 wrestling program to get cut either. Arkansas Little Rock seems like it would be a good fit to take their place if we can't get any big time teams. They are coached by two former OSU wrestlers...
  6. Cowboy08

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    Exactly, you don't get to just call something a rivalry. Which is why Bedlam football really isn't a rivalry based on an 89-18 record just as Bedlam wrestling isn't due to our domination
  7. Cowboy08

    Why isn’t Baylor recognized as OSU’s Rival?

    I think we were definitely building a nice rivalry with Tech back in the early 2000's when Leach was coach and they were consistently winning around 9 games and becoming relevant. I think if he stayed Tech would have been in a similar situation to OSU right now, consistently top 25 and...
  8. Cowboy08

    tickets on secondary market

    Is it even possible to get tickets for games this year if you aren't a season ticket holder or student? Also, is there a 14 day mandatory quarantine in Oklahoma (would be coming from the east coast)
  9. Cowboy08

    Move Tulsa or W. Illinois to Aug 29th?

    I see the season starting later not earlier, things are a mess right now are teams really going to be ready to play in 4 weeks?
  10. Cowboy08

    Yor Anei

    of all the places for him to choose if not Stillwater and he goes to Underwood and Illinois :mad:
  11. Cowboy08

    Early Flowrestling NCAA Rankings are Out

    what message board? I'm always looking for places to read about wrestling
  12. Cowboy08

    Early Flowrestling NCAA Rankings are Out

    my God getting Wick here at 174 would be a game changer by adding a top 4 caliber guy at 174 to this lineup. I find the younger Valencia to be blah even though I believe he was ranked higher than Z coming out of high school
  13. Cowboy08

    Early Flowrestling NCAA Rankings are Out

    there is no question in my mind Fix at 125, Brock at 133 with Hone/G at 141 gives us our best possible lineup next year
  14. Cowboy08

    TCU talks w/ Bama about back up game if week 1 PAC-12 opponents cancel

    Too bad TCU got in on it first, of all the years to play Bama this is the year
  15. Cowboy08

    Wrestling Pokes Might Have Back-to-Back #1 Recruiting Classes...

    I was thinking of the 2015 class (Piccinni, Joe Smith, Brock) and it turns out it was the #2 class not #1. My sincerest apologies