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  1. coloradocowboy


    We lost, but OU reminds me of Gonzaga. They can be had.
  2. coloradocowboy

    Baseball at Kansas

    Are these KU footballers posing as baseballers?
  3. coloradocowboy

    Cowgirl Softball - Standings

    Weed is legal here, but could you send me some of that shit you're smoking? At my age I could run naked down the Strip and no one would notice.
  4. coloradocowboy

    We miiight be really good this year (football)

    Birry, I am 76 and really slow, but even I get it. This horse you are beating died some time ago. Pullleeeeze let it go.
  5. coloradocowboy

    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    A man after my own heart. Lifetime long I have supported free love and nickle beer.
  6. coloradocowboy

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    I don't want favors, but would settle for a level playing field.
  7. coloradocowboy

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    This sounds like the Cowboy fans I've known for 60 yrs. In the words of the immortal Don Meredith "if all the ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas". It's the score when the game's over that counts.
  8. coloradocowboy

    Property around campus

    Don't know where you live, but here Target is still a nice store. I wrote a letter to HQ's several yrs ago citing that Target's use of end caps, which encroached on checkout line space, made them resemble Kmart. They sent me a $50 gift card and the end caps disappeared. Rare good response...
  9. coloradocowboy

    The Masters

    Wolfe DQ'd for signing an incorrect scorecard.
  10. coloradocowboy

    The Masters

    Hovland even thru 16. Cut line +3.
  11. coloradocowboy


    What a great example of Big 12 teams going to war twice a week in the regular season versus The Zags playing no one. Yeah, The Zags play some big teams early, but December is a whole lot different than Feb -Mar.
  12. coloradocowboy

    O'Brate men's restroom

  13. coloradocowboy


    I am always leery of UK. They also hold a lot sway and have some zealots that still despise Eddie Sutton.
  14. coloradocowboy

    Mike Boynton Extension

    You're feeding a troll.