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  1. coloradocowboy

    College Football Polls Week 7

    Well, tOSU has played a brutal schedule.
  2. coloradocowboy

    Official Game Thread: Iowa State vs. Oklahoma State

    run a naked reverse
  3. coloradocowboy

    OSU vs Texas 3 PM kick-off...

    I've been fond of them since beating TX and Ricky Williams in 1997. I haven't been to a game since 2009.
  4. coloradocowboy

    OSU is now a 2.5 favorite...

    Agreed, Big Daddy. The few Aggies I have met are humorless asshats.
  5. coloradocowboy

    Big-12 Title picture...

    ....Baylor and the Waco Police Dept.
  6. coloradocowboy

    skylar thompson out for the year ...

    Didn't OSU put a 4th string K-State punter, acting as QB, into the Hall of Fame a few years ago??
  7. coloradocowboy

    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    Squinky is as elusive as Covid19.
  8. coloradocowboy

    ou/Texas outcome?

    OU two games behind in the conference acting like they won a NC.
  9. coloradocowboy

    ou/Texas outcome?

    Wow 4-1/2 hours
  10. coloradocowboy

    ou/Texas outcome?

    TX really undisciplined.
  11. coloradocowboy

    ou/Texas outcome?

    Incompletion stops the clock at 2:04.
  12. coloradocowboy

    ou/Texas outcome?

    OU hitting stride. Their defense hasn't looked as bad as advertised yet.
  13. coloradocowboy

    Baylor suspending all football activities...

    That is really not much money and there are people who should have been tried criminally.
  14. coloradocowboy

    Big XII Games - Week 6

    Gruden has an ego bigger than all outdoors, plus $100 million and a ten yr contract.
  15. coloradocowboy

    Big XII Games - Week 6

    Thanks Big Daddy. I was only half serious, but will ponder your reply. However, pondering is harder at 75.