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  1. Cody51

    The last days of Roe?

    Who makes plan B, can I buy their stocks?
  2. Cody51

    How’s everyone feeling about Baylor.

    It’s the same answer for me as last week, and most of this season, I think we have the better team, but we have a tendency to shoot ourselves in the foot, to me it doesn’t matter who we play if we bring our best game we can beat anyone.
  3. Cody51

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

    I had to work and am just getting home but was able to watch it live, what a team! Screw ESPN for putting the crowd mic next to the OU band, screw all the doubters, and screw the losers who will continue to bedowngrade us because the sticker on our helmet isn’t one they like or that we don’t...
  4. Cody51

    Week 13 - Games of Interest

    I thought tOSU was going to annihilate Michigan, that may have been incorrect
  5. Cody51

    Week 12 rankings CFP #7 coaches, 7 AP

    You have to think tOSU and Georgia will beat the brakes off of Mich and bama respectively, with the way that those teams have been playing. With the game film being what it is I don’t think the committee will put Notre dame in front of us, if everyone who is supposed to win out does so...
  6. Cody51

    Where should the Cowboys be ranked? #9 on CFP

    We are so low because no one thinks we will beat OU. Prove them wrong and win the ccg and it will be very difficult to explain keeping us out
  7. Cody51

    Big 12 week 11

    Minute to win it tech
  8. Cody51

    Big 12 week 11

    To me, OU is just not good, they should lose to ISU and us, at this point from what I have seen they are 4rth in the conference. Have to play the games to find out, but to my eyes they are mediocre at best on either side of the ball, while we are mediocre on offense and really good on defense.
  9. Cody51

    Big 12 week 11

    Ou is not very good, conference is wide open right now
  10. Cody51

    Big 12 week 10

    I wouldn’t worry about Bama, Georgia will end them
  11. Cody51

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

    Win out and beat OU 2 times is our only way in
  12. Cody51

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

    Purdue’s backend defense is garbage
  13. Cody51

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

    Honestly Brock Martin is earning himself some looks from NFL teams at this point, the dude gets better every game, has a full game motor and is starting to look like and elite edge rusher. This defense is so fun to watch