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  1. CJ4oSu

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    And it will be just like the Big 12 where the schools with other options will do nothing and then they'll leave and say "we have no other choice if we want to continue to compete in the current landscape..."
  2. CJ4oSu

    Big 12 Realignment thread, 2021 version

    If enough teams find a nice landing place, the conference will just dissolve.
  3. CJ4oSu

    Softball stadium upgrades?

    You could probably continue the stands on the first base side and that would create space underneath to build a visitor locker room. I don't think you could do that on the third base side without tearing out the current locker room and offices. Far more important for the team would be training...
  4. CJ4oSu

    #17 COWBOYS SWEEP THE #16 SOONERS. Pokes are on a FIVE Win Winning Streak. State is 10-6, 17-6, Overall. @ #3 Baylor THURSDAY. Sweep #4. #NewEra

    I've been thinking this as well. Play one on Saturday and one on Monday or Tuesday every year.
  5. CJ4oSu

    Cheese—It Bowl vs Miami 12/29 @4/30 pm

    The Cheeze-It Bowl wasn't where I thought we would be this year, but considering everything this year has thrown at us... A game against a pretty good Miami team should be a fun way to end the season.
  6. CJ4oSu

    Cowboys (6-0) defeats Wichita State 67-64. 10 Game Winning Streak. vs TCU WEDNESDAY in GIA

    We've started conference play 2-10 and 3-13(0-8 start) the last two years. I think most people are being cautious based on that... I know I am.
  7. CJ4oSu

    Cowboys (4-0) defeats Oakland Grizzlies 84-71. Pokes Remain PERFECT Next up Oral Robert TUESDAY in GIA

    It's unfortunate he played on some so-so teams during a weird time for OSU basketball.
  8. CJ4oSu

    The bowl games thread

    I don't see that happening... There's a reason why ESPN Events keeps creating new bowl games every year. They are very profitable for them. Even the lower tier games like the ones you mentioned get much better ratings than most of the stuff being broadcast on a weekday afternoon.
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    What would you like to see in a new Football Head Coach

    Top Tier Luke Fickell - Cincinnati: should be at the top of any list Solid hires Billy Napier - Louisiana: won a lot of games at Louisiana and will probably get a P5 job this year Lance Leipold - Buffalo: won a bunch of D3 championships and has turned Buffalo into a solid program Sonny Dykes -...
  10. CJ4oSu

    How about Tulsa

    Plus the fact that he had to take a pay cut BEFORE COVID budget cuts and they probably would've fired him after last season if they could have afforded it... He definitely needs to cash in on this season.
  11. CJ4oSu

    Dreaded sense of inevitability

    That team was a lot better than it's record... Lost by 8 to Southern Miss, Lost in OT at home to Missouri and lost to Colorado at home by 3. If I remember correctly, turnovers and penalties hurt them quite a bit. Plus the new coach was still learning... fake punt on your own 30 at A&M(or...
  12. CJ4oSu

    Dreaded sense of inevitability

    Perhaps the outcome would've been different if they had thrown the fade to the "other" OKC kid instead?
  13. CJ4oSu

    How about Tulsa

    I think Cincinnati's offense is better than Tulsa's and the defenses are about even.
  14. CJ4oSu

    How about Tulsa

    Tulsa - Cincinnati should be a really fun game. I think Cinci is the better team, but it wouldn't surprise me if Tulsa won.
  15. CJ4oSu

    Bedlam Game Time Announced

    I was trying to remember the last time we had one and I couldn't... Usually an 11 am or 2:30 kick there.