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  1. Carneyman14

    First time in Cowboy Country

    TIL people go to Hideaway and don’t get a Big Country.
  2. Carneyman14

    Anyone notice Andre Williams next to Sutton last night?

    First post in 2020! 3rd decade!
  3. Carneyman14

    Football tickets...Good news!!!

    Mine went down $600
  4. Carneyman14

    2020 Cowboy Baseball

    FYI to those wondering about seats at the new place. I believe current & new season ticket holders have until the end of Jan to place their deposits for the new place. And I have heard that current season ticket holders are #2 in the pecking order behind Major Donors to the new stadium.
  5. Carneyman14

    Cowgirl Bedlam

    Talking out my a$$ here but. Our WBB seems to mirror our football history. Not really good. At times we have had good teams. Lots of bad times. Budke had us in a good spot. RIP. Littell has been decent. He's not bad, he's hasn't been great. I know there "were" rumblings of moving on in the past...
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    [Wrestling] #9 'Princeton of the Plains' hosts the real Princeton (#12). Friday @ 7 on ESPN+

    Wife won’t want to go. So I’ll take it if you end up with extras. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Carneyman14

    [Wrestling] #9 'Princeton of the Plains' hosts the real Princeton (#12). Friday @ 7 on ESPN+

    That's what I usually do with other sports. What I saw on the Ticketmaster is pretty pricey. I'm also not sure what sessions I will get to. I will try to sit with you in there and at the very least meet for some beers. I'll probably do a "what to do in MSP" as we get closer
  8. Carneyman14

    Georgetown arrival

    Usually about an hour and a half to tip Source: I was in line over there most of the time. They seemed to roll up just before we were let in. But it varies. Could have changed in the last... gulp... 8 years.
  9. Carneyman14

    Georgetown/oSu @ GIA....#1 ESPN MUST WATCH

    If you have the means. Please go. Students. Study NOW. get your work done. Go to the game. FFS we should have 11k or more there.
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    Latest video O'Brate Stadium

    I know you are just relaying the message, but that sounds like bullspit to me. I don't like Holder as much as the next guy, but I don't think he would put that on a head coach. If he did I would expect Josh to leave immediately.
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    Pokes suck

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    Uniform Prediction Week 3