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    2022-23 Cowgirls Softball Roster

    She has been at A&M for 4 years building something and she has created a legacy. I don't blame her one bit for going for the natty. Maybe she could help win one here, but that's a big maybe. She knows she can get one in Norman and she'll be a big part of their run for 3 in a row. Cowgirls are...
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    If that is the case, then we have no one but ourselves to blame for hurting the sport. Great season, but big time choke.
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    New Contract for Gundy

    Kind of like we owned the Big 12 this year when OU and Texas were not a factor. Probably just ruined life for the future Big 12. Now that we have the highest paid coach and will have no problem owning the Big 12, the SEC will be knocking on our door next.
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    Portal News

    You will have to ask Rack. I just repeated it.
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    Portal News

    Not surprised that you don't understand nuanced sarcasm. I'm admitting I have no credibility. I don't need to have credibility to be a fan. It's called an opinion and as hard as it is for you to accept, some people have a different opinion than you may have. I know that has to be...
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    Portal News

    That's fair. I am a grumpy old man. I admit that. Frustrated that we can't get over the hump even with all the money and upgrades. Not gonna change at my age and not going to join Rack and the Sunshine Band because they have less credibility than me.
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    Portal News

    Baylor must be a blue blood killer and a killer of blue blood killers because they beat OU, Texas and OSU. Iowa State is a blue blood killer and is also a killer of blue blood killers because they beat Texas and OSU and mighty Kansas is a blue blood killer because they beat Texas and scared...
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    Question about HCMG Press Conference Comment

    Pipe dream. We had the nicest facilities in the country several years ago, and because of that the program improved by leaps and bounds. Boone's investment and Gundy's ability to get the most out of less talented players have brought the program to where it is today. Now the bad news. We are...
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    Cowboys (7-4) drop game against #14 Houston. Next up, USC Trojans in OKC! Tuesday

    Great players make those around them better. Cunningham is gone and the players have reverted back. This is where coaching and development should come in but as of now there appears to be very little of either. Still a long way to go but they need to get the needle pointing the other...
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    Continue to play OU in all sports except football?

    Boone gave us the first 65" tv on the block. Now everyone has one and bigger. It's okay for others to have nice things. It doesn't diminish what we have and what we are.
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    Continue to play OU in all sports except football?

    I appreciate your devotion to OSU but you are clueless outside your little bubble. I live in a house divided. Wife is OU grad. We split games we want to go to. Their facilities are 1st class. They are building a state of the art softball field that will be the finest in the nation. In...
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    Continue to play OU in all sports except football?

    As usual comprehension is not required on these boards. I never said it wasn't logistics. I said it's the easiest from a logistical standpoint. I'm sorry you don't understand such a simple premise.
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    Continue to play OU in all sports except football?

    I'm fine with not playing them but Weiberg needs a better excuse than logistics. Probably the easiest game ever from a logistical standpoint. Butthurt, Scared, Pissed, Ready to Move on are all better reasons.
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    2021 DC Replacement Thread

    Sticking with the baseball theme, at the time of his hiring, it seemed like a single but he turned it into an inside the park homerun.