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  1. Bison2011

    BYU, Cincy, Houston, UCF will join B12 07/23

    Just because of where they are located… I’ll take UCF and BYU. If they continue to perform at a high level I like Baylor. I guess TCU. Two good destinations from what I imagine, never been to the two new ones. And two local ones to drive too
  2. Bison2011

    Baseball vs Tech

    Just taking a shot, and if it’s not allowed please delete, anyone looking at releasing tickets for Saturday night or Sunday this weekend? Looking to take my wife to our first game at O’Brate. PM if you are. Again if not allowed I am sorry.
  3. Bison2011

    Baseball Ticket Question

    I was thinking about taking my 5 year old up to see OSU play Tech either May 13 or 14. it appears only tickets I can see are General Admission. Would that be realistic for a kid? Are they actual seats once we get there? I’ve been watching on ESPN+ and it doesn’t look sold out. Am I missing...
  4. Bison2011

    B12 Wrestling

    Dumb question. We have tickets to tonight’s final. The tickets said 6p but I saw online it says 7 Is it at 6 or 7 for the final session?
  5. Bison2011

    #6 Oklahoma State v. #2 Iowa (Wrestling)

    Is this on tv?
  6. Bison2011


    Cool story bro. Your Saturday’s must really suck.
  7. Bison2011

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    I think Spencer is decent and has a chance but I think in his head he is a gift to the world. I know he was a heck of a player in Texas but he has to realize everyone he is playing against now was too in their respective states. His decision making is bad, his passing is bad, and we have failed...
  8. Bison2011

    Mad at Gundy threads merged

    This! I said the same thing today. I’m definitely not happy. We could go recruit a new coach sure but there is no one that’s going to stay in Stillwater for 15 years and be committed. They will come, win some games and go to Tennessee or Arkansas, and we start all over. There’s no way this is...
  9. Bison2011

    Official Game Thread: Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech

    I agree with a lot of what you said. But holy crap our defense was atrocious today. We couldn’t stop anything. They either had guys wide open or they were catching it with OSU guys all around them. They made our defense look stupid.
  10. Bison2011

    Official Game Thread: Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State

    Mine says Technical difficulties. Anyone else?
  11. Bison2011

    Spencer Sanders is ....

    I loved his heart in the first half if recovering that fumble. Leaving it all out there and not afraid of the hit. Looking forward to his future!
  12. Bison2011

    OSU vs TTU

    Has my attitude changed on him? No, not after one game. He's inconsistent at best. He's still better than me by a long shot but I am not impressed with him.
  13. Bison2011

    OSU vs TTU

    I have. I just hope the recruits work. I was discussing from what I saw on Wednesday night against Tech.
  14. Bison2011

    OSU vs TTU

    I finally was able to make it to a game but man it was rough. We just don’t have it to compete with other Big 12 teams right now. 1) I am not impressed with Dziagwa at all. 2) It was nice to see OSU welcome Sean Sutton jack and pretty cool to see him on one sideline and Scott on the other...
  15. Bison2011

    Basketball vs Nebraska

    I can’t seem to figure out why the game is in Sioux Falls?