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  1. Birry

    Bowl Game

    Do you have any idea how difficult it is to teach D1 athletes how to zone block and run up the A gap? Do you understand the complexity of lobbing fades down the sideline at every critical juncture? Takes years to perfect it. Allegedly.
  2. Birry

    Ho-Lee St1t!!!

    Not sure which is creepier, the photo itself or the people who think it is cool.
  3. Birry

    Ho-Lee St1t!!!

    Nah, bro. Not remotely close, haha. What our coach did was super cringe, and the fact that you liked it says a lot about you. It's funny that you immediately blame the criticism on jealousy instead of the fact that it was a childish, embarrassing thing for our head coach to do. If you knew...
  4. Birry

    Ho-Lee St1t!!!

    Not remotely funny. It was cringe af.
  5. Birry

    Big Time Coaching Changes Going Round the Nation!

    After a down year? No way. Not enough money to go around. The staff will have to Ride for the Brand so he can keep his $1,000,000 signing bonus next year.
  6. Birry

    Cowboy Basketball @ #8 Connecticut Huskies TODAY 5:30PM FS1 Big 12vsBigEast Battle

    I thought that our coaches should be stoic and calm on the sidelines to keep everyone relaxed?
  7. Birry

    Gundy 2022 job rating

    Gundy still has a kid in Stillwater schools. Once he graduates, I think all bets are off.
  8. Birry

    New York takes first steps toward in patient mental health care

    Who determines if an individual is rational enough to make decisions related to their wellness? The answer to that is probably why you don't want the police to be the frontlines of this. At a minimum, you would need a special unit or individual within a unit that is qualified to make those...
  9. Birry

    NIL discussion

    The more I read about this, the worse it sounds. So the situation is that a private fund can be created, managed, and utilized to grant money to players since they are entitled to profit from their NIL. I assume that since this is outside the umbrella of the university that Title IX is not an...
  10. Birry

    12 team playoff in 2024

    Love the positivity that you continue to bring to this thread. Keep it up, sunshine.
  11. Birry

    12 team playoff in 2024

    Pissing, moaning, and bitching incessantly about other people pissing, moaning, and bitching. How utterly positive and uplifting of you!
  12. Birry

    12 team playoff in 2024

    Our "elite" head coach making top-10 money can't even make a 12-team playoff. Pretty much all you need to know. We rack up our wins against ultra weak OOC and conference teams, and can't win the ones that really would make us legit. That's what our system does. It consistently beats up on...
  13. Birry

    the "portal"

    What's interesting is that the marketing and production team for that commercial can seemingly tackle this issue head-on, use it for promotions/profit, and pick up on various nuances of how it may work from all perspectives, communicate it in 30 seconds, and our coaching staff is still trying to...
  14. Birry

    the "portal"

    Any time I hear about the portal, I can't help but think of this commercial. So well done.
  15. Birry

    Mass Shooting(s)

    Guns are far more than a hobby for many gun owners. You should have a meal with a few gun owners, and ask them directly why they own guns. You will be surprised by the range and depth of answers.