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    Justice Hill again tweets cryptically about his experience with OSU

    Hill left when it was still called quitting and not opting out
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    Big 12 Football Schedules

    Agreed did a ski trip once where we used SLC as home base and hit several ski resorts from there. Sundance was my fav
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    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    "talk" is that he and Harper are coming back.
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    Football 2022 General Recruiting thread

    Nice try but FAIL
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    Football 2022 General Recruiting thread

    Cool, Hokie but that's a 2021 commit and this thread is for 2022 . . . .. :lol:
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    Cowboy Basketball (9-4, 3-4): With Cade and Walker out, Baylor Defeats the Pokes. Next up ISU on MONDAY

    Each game when that has even started to happen I start screaming at the TV- “ok, Coach call a TO here to stop this before it becomes a run” and he never does. Why can I see that and he just sits there until it’s too late ?
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    Any way we could get Tom Herman as OC?

    you're nuts ! Herman hit the jackpot with his uH success and then fell to the level of his abilities !
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    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    Guess I'm more worried than you on CB. I didn't see much to be excited about with Holmes or Bernard. The young guys that filled in were worse. Maybe put Harper back over there ? But CB is a very tough position in Knowles scheme, so maybe I was just spoiled with Rodarius !
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    Football Players Coming Back in 2021

    PokesReport says Devin Harper is also coming back !
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    Transfer Portal

    So we don’t need to fire Gundy ?
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    Transfer Portal

    Only true if you keep your count to scholarship players. Some of the “# in the Portal” are non-scholarships
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    Larry Fedora Fired from Baylor

    From little Shippenburg PA to the Big Cat in PA . . .. bet his is please as can be !
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    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    If he leaves .... wow Bret Beilima took over as HC and looking to fill out his staff I don’t think there’s any history between the two
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    Knowles leaving: edit nope!

    What ?