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  1. AustinOSU

    NCAA Women's Golf Regionals

    A little surprised to see our top 10 women's team not getting any attention here. They are currently in 4th place at the Stanford regional, 11 shots clear of the cut line. I believe they take 6 teams from each regional instead of 5, like on the men's side. So we should be in good shape to...
  2. AustinOSU

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    You’re welcome asshole
  3. AustinOSU

    Consolidated Basketball Recruiting 2021

    I thought this was a thread to discuss 2021 recruiting, and not just talk about the current roster. I guess I'm confused.
  4. AustinOSU

    Oklahoma State Baseball VS Texas

    What is the score? Or is it over?
  5. AustinOSU

    OSU Baseball at TCU

    It appears we are not a contender for the conference. Maybe we can put it together toward the end and surprise some people as a 2 seed. I think that’s the best we can hope for this season.
  6. AustinOSU

    Men's Basketball Bryce Thompson transfers to OSU

    I was thinking he’d pick UNC for that reason but that makes more sense. I don’t feel like we have much of a shot for some reason. Your post is probably the reason.
  7. AustinOSU

    Assistant coach Cannen Cunningham is moving on to help manage Cade's Career

    Gawd I would hope so. To have it go so perfectly and then fumble at the end would be sad. Cade being pro-OSU may be very important to our program over the next 5-10 years. Cannen probably had a job for as long as he wanted.
  8. AustinOSU

    Assistant coach Cannen Cunningham is moving on to help manage Cade's Career

    Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. I’d take that job too if I was him.
  9. AustinOSU

    Bedlam 2013

    This game ruined Bedlam football for me. I don't even get excited or really care about it anymore, because I know the only time we're going to win is when nothing too important is on the line for us. Maybe bowl eligibility, but that's about the highest stakes we can ever hope to come out with...
  10. AustinOSU

    Lincoln Riley’s attempt at a brisket...

    So many Sooner fans defending that brisket in the tweet. I’m glad to see you have a line you won’t cross.
  11. AustinOSU

    Bedlam Baseball

    Can’t even really call that inning a success. Did we only have one hit?
  12. AustinOSU

    Bedlam Baseball

    My gosh. Are we always this hard to watch? I’ve been in basketball mode so I just been reading the game thread after it’s over. Seems like all we do is strikeout, give up walks, and make brutally costly errors. It’s like watching a Travis Ford coached team. I should have made a point of watching...
  13. AustinOSU

    Bedlam Baseball

    Is this televised?
  14. AustinOSU

    Shaka Smart to Marquette

    They’re disappointed is just about everything that’s happened since hiring him. They’re very happy he found a landing spot and they didn’t have to fire him. It was a bad fit and never really worked. They’d have fired him next year.