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    PFB blog

    What did the words mean?
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    You keep talking about social distancing like it isn't good independent of a pandemic.
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    What does Bloomberg’s $500 million media campaign tell us?

    Success in one domain doesn't mean you'll have it in another.
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    The difference in the media

    It's two sides of the same coin. I'm generally against one thingism, so I wouldn't say it is just the election results. However, a Trump v. Biden general election does make maintenance of the status quo more likely more or less whoever wins. The stock market is going to like that.
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    Climate change is good!
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    The Butt-man for Prez thread

    No he's not.
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    The Butt-man for Prez thread

    She's not attacking him, she's showing how good she is at attacking other people. Now that she's proven she can fill that role, I'm sure she will go soon. Especially if she continues to poll as poorly as she has.
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    The Butt-man for Prez thread

    Warren campaign raised 29 million in February. She's got the money if not the path to stay in the race. It really seems like she wants to be VP for Bernie.
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    The Butt-man for Prez thread

    What candidate are you going to have a weird obsession with now?
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    Is gout an exacerbating condition? Asking for a fat friend.
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    I feel so much better now...don't you?

    Honestly his behavior around Corona virus as president is much better than how he acted about Ebola.
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    The Butt-man for Prez thread
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    Wrestling Pokes @ Iowa - Sunday - 7pm - Big Ten Network

    Zahid wasn't an Olympic Redshirt so they had to go ahead and suspend him. Since Daton isn't wrestling for OSU this year, they don't really have to do anything.
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    House(Senate) expected to (not)Impeach Trump ??..announcement at 3pm CST

    No other senile old ramblers worth mentioning in the 2020 race?