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  1. ablomination

    Farmers Insurance Open

    And Reed of all golfers...
  2. ablomination

    Farmers Insurance Open

    I apologize....I seem to be a poke golfer jinx.....As soon as I get home and turn on coverage....Viktor out of bounds.....
  3. ablomination

    VOTE! Election thread

    I believe we are still a democracy. A democracy is made up of voting citizens not of acreage. Last I checked, there are more Americans living in Washington DC than Vermont or Wyoming. Almost as many as in Alaska.
  4. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    Awesome day!
  5. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    So rattler isn't the second coming?
  6. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    we could be in top ten......that's wishful beer thinking on my part right now.
  7. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    but the path is clearing nicely...especially if tulsa holds off ucf!
  8. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    So ohio st and 3 SEC teams
  9. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    I heard the talking heads on ESPN already dismissing the Big12 after the Texas loss.......Basically their eye test says if its not an undefeated Texas or OU its not worth taking about big12.
  10. ablomination

    Big 12 Football Games - Week 5

    I was going to argue with you, but then drunk me realized this might be sarcasm. That said. It's been a great day of big12 footballs!
  11. ablomination

    2020 Fall Camp thread

    It's the next evolution of the spread offense. We're going 6 wide this year!
  12. ablomination

    OSU fan survey

    I ran through it pretty quickly, but I think your defensive breakout was missing a potential breakout player in #0 - Christian Holmes
  13. ablomination


    Just anecdotally I had covid early July. Very mild. I’m early 40s and healthy. No underlying issues. No meds. Got over it quickly. But about a week in I developed chest pains. Haven’t gone away. Getting blood work done this week. Likely mri coming. It’s incredibly unnerving. Best of luck to...
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    Herp Derp The WVU thread of delusion.

    I'm not sure delusional....fully encapsulates the magnitude of idiocy. A brave new world indeed!
  15. ablomination


    Half joking here. It's just an interesting anecdote. Find another country where the highest paid government employee is a sports coach.