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Never tried the offshore books like Bovada. You ever have problems getting paid? Thought about trying one.
I assume when you quoted me about Net Neutrality you meant to respond to the person I was quoting.
I will buy your ticket for KSU if you still have it.
I still have it. You can email me at to discuss delivery and payment, etc.
Hi, Greg. I've been a member of the site since 2004, when I registered as Gman. When I signed up for the AV, I created a new user name. Is it possible to merge my Gman account with my RPG account?
Trying to get in touch with you about the Baylor tickets. can you text me a 918-289-8607. tried to reply to you ad but keep getting kicked off for some reason. thank you!!!!
A strong supporter of Mullets, Big Daddy Coffee mugs, Wrasslin singlets, dove hunting, rattlesnake hunting and turtle hunting.