Y. Sima Looking better all the time

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Feb 7, 2007
Tulsa, OK
Solomon will be missed but Crime Dog at the 4 and Sima at the 5 gives me confidence in our starting front court. We'll have to see if the new people coming in can provide quality depth right away.


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Feb 7, 2007
South Carolina
Get a solid PG, and we will be a solid team.
Don't forget we have the transfer who was sitting out this year. Not sure if he's a point or more of a combo guard. Either way, I agree, would be nice to see Boynton close the class out with a good PG.
Michael Weathers primarly played the PG spot his freshman year at Miami(OH). But he also has the skill set to play off the ball if we land an elite pg like Ramey.
Oct 7, 2015
St. Elmo, CO
We are going to need someone to replace Solomon. While Sima may be good next year, he won't be able to do the things Mitch can do. Some things he should be able to do better. Someone else will have to pick up some slack, too.
I don't know. I'm happy that Solomon became the leader and player he was this year, but he improved greatly over the year to do that. That had to be some great coaching and whomever is responsible can easily do the same thing with Sima, who has the ability to be even better than Mitch.
I really like the job Coach Boynton has done in his first year. I'm also very excited about his ability to attract new talent to Stillwater.
I wasn't too jacked up about his hire without having any headcoaching experience, but AD Holder also needs some kudos for this hire.
Sima will be a great transfer for us.