Will OSU's changing of the guard at receiver be seamless?

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Feb 27, 2018
The latest in Mark Cooper's pre-Big 12 media days (OSU's day next week is Tuesday) series on Oklahoma State football is about the receiver position. Here's links to the previous entries:

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Excerpts from today's entry:

Oklahoma State’s top two returners at receiver both play in the slot. Jalen McCleskey is a senior who caught 73 passes as a sophomore in 2016 before dropping to 50 last year. He’s one of the most trusted, steady players on the offense, which was why coach Mike Gundy selected him as one of the four to represent OSU at Big 12 media days next week.

Dillon Stoner isn’t going to media days, but he very well could have. Stoner had 44 receptions and six touchdowns last season. He especially came on strong late in the season, scoring TDs in each of the final four games (including a tremendous catch in the Camping World Bowl against Virginia Tech).

But, like a year ago, the list doesn’t end there. Tyron Johnson, the former five-star recruit who transferred from LSU, might have the highest ceiling of anyone. He averaged 16.3 yards per reception a season ago behind Washington on the depth chart. The key for Johnson is to be consistent as his playing time increases.

Oklahoma State’s “pups” at receiver also have potential. Tylan Wallace showcased some of it as a true freshman, forcing his way on the field and catching seven passes. When Washington wasn’t 100 percent at Iowa State, Wallace impressed, catching three balls for 49 yards.