Wildcats vs. Cowboys Game Thread

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Aug 16, 2012
Do not see one that is started, my apology if one is or if it is someone else's "job" to start it.

I think this game will be interesting as KSU plays man for 40 minutes. Will place a premium on ball control, offensive movement and creating shots off of the movement. Dizzy will need to show he is not just a spot shooter. Guards and ball handlers will have to drive the lane instead of setting up shop on the perimeter. We should keep driving over and over to draw fouls and hopefully have the vision to drop a pass to a big whose defender has to help.

Really wish it was not on ESPNU. FSW is part of my HULU package and I have to bring in another to get ESPNU which I really do not want to do. You guys watching it really need to keep us up on the score.
Jun 9, 2008
The Water
I thought the refs were doing fine. I hate watching the free throw contest that college basketball has become.
It has been like this forever. College basketball isn’t a very good product. Horrible officiating and what’s called good “defense” is not good defense. The game is slow and boring. Yet people think college basketball has better defense than even the NBA lol today is a good example. Watch how K State rides and grabs our players but apparently that’s good D nowadays.