Well gents, it's official...

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Is this awesome?

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You Can Dere-Lick My Footballs, Cap-E-Tan
Oct 15, 2008
Gundy's Rattlesnake Hunting Lease
... I am now a proud pistol owner!


Picked up my used CZ P-01 after waiting painfully through the gun store's city's inane 30 day wait period and took her out into the hills yesterday to run her through the paces.

Ran through about 140ish rounds of ammo, 40 of that a couple different makes of JHP defense ammo. I think the CZ rep for accuracy holds, as the gun is crazy accurate, even in the hands of a newb like me (Consider the sliding scale, guys. If I can hit things really decently, I can only imagine what capable people could). Only two failures to feed, both on cheap Am. Eagle plinking ammo which I think is better attributed to me learning the ropes of making sure my mags are loaded right.

Can I just be honest and say it's a much, much more sobering feeling going to sleep at night knowing there is a loaded weapon inches away. Very sobering.

Looking forward to learning more and training with this pistol in the months and years to come.


You Can Dere-Lick My Footballs, Cap-E-Tan
Oct 15, 2008
Gundy's Rattlesnake Hunting Lease
The city where the gun shop I bought it from has a thirty day wait period from when a used gun can be bought and then sold again. I found the gun literally a few days after it was picked up by the shop. The CZ's are hard to find locally, much less used and at as such great deal, so I just sucked it up.

The P01's are all 9mm Luger, but they have basically the identical gun in .40S&W as the P06.


Master in the art of Gemütlichkeit
Jun 11, 2006
Yukon, Oklahoma:
Heck yes! It is always awesome when a law abiding citizen exercises their Second Amendment right!

I'm glad you got the one you wanted too. She's a beaut Clark!


Legendary Cowboy
A/V Subscriber
Jun 18, 2008
Dallas, TX
I'm interested in joining this club soon. If I get this job I have a follow up interview for, I'll be living in downtown Kansas City... would be nice to have a little extra protection.

Of course, I would like to join anyway just for the recreation. Always nice to go to a range and fire off some rounds.


Joshua 1:9
Aug 20, 2004
I still love my SA XD .40S&W!

It really does change how you feel about some things though, that I can agree with. My next step is a shotgun.