Weird story of a Spy, Customs and Border Patrol agent, and Reporter

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Aug 31, 2007
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Jim Wolfe the former director of security for for the Senate Intelligence Committee was arrested last week trying to board a plane to China and charged with espionage and lying to the FBI about a leak investigation.

During Jim Wolfe's time in Washington working as security head for the Senate Intel Committee he had a 3 year romantic relationship (now over) with a reporter Ali Watkins who was at the time working for Politico, during the romantic relationship.

Last year she had been hired by the Huffington Post when a US Customs and Border Protection agent Jeffrey Rambo asked to have a meeting with her. During the meeting he started questioning her about her sources and told her the Trump Admin wanted to investigate journalist confidential sources to stop leaks. This was odd for a Customs and Border Agent to be asking this and trying to investigate her sources as the CBP does not handle leak investigations because that is the job of the FBI. It is also being reported that the CBP agent Rambo had a list of trips that Ali Watkins and Jim Wolfe had taken together and it is unclear where he obtained this info.

The New York Times (where Ali Watkins now works) reported last week that due to Ali Watkins relationship with Jim Wolfe that the Justice Dept had secretly seized years of her phone and email records early in 2018 as part of their investigation into potential classified leaked info by Jim Wolfe. Watkins was told about the secret seizure of her phone and email records last Thursday, the same day that Wolfe was indicted and arrested

The Washington Post has reported that Jeffery Rambo the CBP agent who was questioning about her confidential sources was not part of any official investigation into Jim Wolfe and it was unclear why he would be meeting with her to discuss this.

The CBP has opened an inquiry through their Office of Professional Responsibility dept into their agent Jeffrey Rambo of why he called this meeting with the reporter, why he was questioning her about her confidential sources, and how he obtained travel records of her and Jim Wolfe.