Week 13 Big 12 Power Rankings

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May 9, 2011
Would knowledgeable fans predict kstate to beat OU? maybe. But kstate won with ball control. RROD's Ole Miss offense also uses the ground game to control the ball. Hell, even Army almost beat OU last year using a running attack. Id say Ole Miss has better players than both kstate and Army, on offense at least.

How many points did that supposedly number 1 defense give up to kstate? WVU's porous defense held kstate to 20 points. What was the kstate totla?

Now im not saying, by any stretch WVU is in any way good. they suck this year. but it goes to show that OU isnt all that. theyve beat up(barely) on some weak competition. For that matter WVU's horrible defense held baylor to 17 points, sacked baylor 8 times and had 10 tfl. How many points did OU's number 1 defense hold baylor to?

Trust me OU Titan, you dont want OU in the cfp this year, although the Sugar bowl wont be any fun for you either and I intend to be there cheering for whatever SEC team you happen to draw. Of course that assumes you can beat baylor team. A baylor team who I guarantee would have a losing record in the sec west..
Yep you convinced me with that solid reasoning. Ole Miss would win the Big 12. Unless of course Memphis or Mizzou were in the league then I guess they would be the favorites.

I guess it looks like we could finish above Arkansas. Is that just OU & Baylor or you do think any of the other Big 12 schools could pull it off? Just call it like you see it


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Oct 21, 2011
Norman Trailerpark
This “logic” is so bad I am not even going to argue against it. At least you did not bring up someone’s great great great 4th cousin who beat ou in 1894 to explain it.

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Let me simplify it for you: OU's defense sucks.

When you play a team with equal athletes, like UGA, UF, Bama, or Auburn, they'll shut hurts down and OU wont be able to stop their offense. Wont be a pretty game.

BTW, I dont hate OU. dont like them either. Just call them as I see them.
OU’s defense sucks... but they’re ranked 31st in total defense and 54th in scoring defense through the first season of having a new defensive coordinator.

Hurts and his horrendous turnover margin is the only reason games have been close this year. OU still has the best offense in the country despite a one off plug and play SEC quarterback at the helm. Combine that with replacing four on the offensive line and a brand new D Coordinator... I’m ecstatic to be in the position we are in.

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