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Jul 8, 2006
To say the least. Most learn that stealing is wrong before kindergarten.
True, but maybe this kid had a bad upbringing and didn't learn much as far as right and wrong. Now that he's 20 or 21 I'd guess, he should know what's right or wrong on his own. I'd drill into his head, LAST CHANCE! Hopefully it'll turn him around. Worked on Gottlieb


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Jun 24, 2005
A good apology is truly a dying art. I don't know if he wrote that or someone wrote it for him, but it's a good start. If this is the attitude Boynton heard one on one, I can see why he made the decision he did.
Apr 27, 2006
007Poke do you think we missed Weathers against Charlotte?
Don't know, don't really care, his absence and inability to contribute is on him, and rightfully so. If it was my call he would not be returning, might help him with second chance somewhere else dependent on attitude-remorse, and would recruit another for the roster spot. Lots of young men that would like the opportunity that he was willing to risk losing. All that said hope it works out for Boynton's-OSU's sake.
May 4, 2011
Charleston, SC
Yep. We had no bench support and wore down in the last 10 minutes

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A whole lot more than bench support has to go wrong to lose to a team that bad. They're a cupcake team for mid majors. We were the only power 5 team they played last year and they still only won 6 games all season. Either Charlotte is in the midst of the greatest basketball turnaround ever or we played worse than any OSU team in about 30 years, maybe longer.