Walking Dead, Season 8

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Nov 8, 2004
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Fear the Walking Dead:

How did Nick survive the destruction of the dam and how did Madison and Alicia survive the flood? Because no one who goes into that water and no one who is standing on that dam when it collapses is going to get out alive. In fact, their bodies will never be found. Instead, we get flashbacks of flashbacks with Nick and Alicia being miraculously alive in the present and Madison being alive in the flashbacks and absolutely no explanation as to how any of that happened - just skip forward and ignore the impossible parts. I mean, even if the explanation is a deus ex machina, to just skip it and ignore it, to pretend like it is nothing for people to survive dam collapse and flood, is lazy story telling. To stretch it out over the entire season with occasional flashbacks within flashbacks is worse.

How does Althea keep her cool, hipster hairdo in the apocalypse? How does she recharge the batteries to keep the video-cam going?

Where does Nick find all the product to keep his hair with that cool slicked back thing going?

And why do all the zombies have manicures? Can't they at least put fake fingernails on them?

Good night nurse.

Nick was the most compelling character with his history of substance abuse. I could see him being like a cockroach that you can't kill, that somehow someway just keeps on surviving. Maybe Morgan can take his place as the most compelling character, but let's face it, his main use on TWD was as a conscience for Rick, a good angel on Rick's shoulder with Daryl being the bad angel. Now with Morgan on FTWD, TWD is worse and FTWD isn't any better. And Garret Dillahunt is like a 2000's version of Ted McGinley, you know once he's on a show that it's just about run its course.