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Mar 27, 2012
Wishing I was in Stillwater
Man shot after triggering own booby trap while feeding squirrels at North Carolina home

Posted 8:38 AM, October 16, 2018, by Tribune Media Wire

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. – A North Carolina man who booby-trapped his backdoor with a shotgun shot himself when he opened the door, according to deputies.
WCNC reported that the 68-year-old man seriously injured himself with his own booby trap at about 11:30 a.m. Monday at his Cleveland County home.
“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” Capt. Jon Wright, with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office, told the Gaston Gazette.

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Cleveland Co Sheriff’s Office says first arriving deputy used his tactical tourniquet on the man. He was taken to Atrium Health in Shelby. Likely will be flown to Charlotte. Also, this is what greets visitors to the man’s home.

9:32 AM - 15 Oct

Deputies said the shotgun went off after the man opened the door to feed some squirrels, hitting him in the arm. An arriving deputy used a tactical tourniquet on the man.
Authorities say the trap was just one of many that had been rigged around the property, according to WBTV.
Deputies said the man was taken to Atrium Health in Shelby and will likely be flown Charlotte.
Mar 27, 2012
Wishing I was in Stillwater
'Spider-Man' Breaks Into Arizona Police Station and Falls Asleep in Ceiling Duct While High on Meth: Cops

Deborah Hastings
Inside EditionOctober 25, 2018

An Arizona man who climbed into a police station while high on methamphetamine said he felt like "Spider-Man," authorities said.

Jesus Carrillo-Levya, 51, told investigators he was running from bad guys when he used a ladder to reach a window at the Mesa Police Department, then broke it and crawled inside, officials said. He was found asleep in a ceiling vent.

Detectives who arrived at 7 a.m. Wednesday noticed the broken window. They also found open desk drawers and dried blood. About an hour later, officers discovered a backpack near a fence surrounding the station, as well as a freshly dug hole under the fence.

The station was evacuated and SWAT officers searched the building until they discovered a ceiling tile out of place. That's where police found Levya, asleep inside the opening, and arrested him, they said.

He was charged with burglary, criminal trespassing and criminal defacing. It wasn't clear whether he had an attorney.
Mar 27, 2012
Wishing I was in Stillwater
Florida Man Wearing Crocs Gets Bitten After Jumping Into Crocodile Exhibit at Alligator Farm

November 07, 2018 04:03 AM

Employees at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park were left baffled when they came across a floating Croc shoe and discarded clothes in the facility’s crocodile pit Tuesday morning.

Desperate for answers, St. Augustine staff members took a look at the park’s security footage and discovered a man had broken into the farm and jumped off a roof into the crocodile exhibit, which is home to three 12-foot Nile crocodiles, News 4 Jax reported.

When the employees contacted the police, officers had just responded to an incident in which a man, wearing nothing but underwear, was seen crawling on the lawn in a “concealed manner” near the park, the St. Augustine Police Department said in a statement.

The man, who police identified as the suspect caught on camera at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, sustained significant injuries to his feet and legs — believed to be crocodile bites. The suspect has since been identified as Brandon Keith Hatfield.

When questioned by police, Hatfield allegedly said he had been attacked by an alligator, according to The Florida Times-Union. He then reportedly told officers he ran into an old man who was walking an alligator on a leash and was all of a sudden “surrounded by all these baby alligators.”

In addition to flinging himself into the crocodile exhibit, police say Hatfield, 23, allegedly “damaged numerous exhibits and statues around the complex causing an excess of $5,000 in damage.”

In another surveillance video, the man can be seen standing on top of a statue before jumping on a tree. That is when he comes into contact with one of the crocodiles, which explains his injuries, Jay Ruditis, who handles the security videos for the park told News 4 Jax.

“Watch behind him, there’s a croc trying to attack him,” Ruditis told the new station describing the footage. “Now it’s dragging him. He will get on the shore. It’s got his foot right now. It has a good hold on his leg. It’s kind of pulling him in. The croc will flip him, a little death roll in a moment. The croc still has him, so what he does is tries to kick it with his foot,” Ruditis explained to News 4 Jax.

The individual eventually escaped the pit, leading him to seek refuge on the nearby lawn on Holly Lane.

“A little weird to see somebody that early in just boxers going over your wall into your property saying ‘I was held hostage in a pool with gators,” Jeff Black told CBS 47 about finding Hatfield on his lawn.

“He says, ‘Yeah, I got bit by alligators.’ Everybody’s looking at him like, ‘OK, he’s got to be on something,'” Black told the news station.

St. Augustine Police explained Hatfield was transported to Flagler Hospital “for further medical attention.” Following his release, he will be moved to St. John’s County Jail.

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Hatfield has been charged with Burglary, Criminal Mischief and Violation of Probation. It is not clear if Hatfield has legal representation.

While police are still trying to understand how and why Hatfield ended up in the crocodile pit they believe “he was possibly high on something,” according to KTVB 7.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.
Mar 27, 2012
Wishing I was in Stillwater
McDonald’s worker sent home after being late on first day robs McDonald's 5 miles away, police say

David Gomez-Beltran, 19, allegedly robbed a San Antonio-area McDonald's hours after he was sent home for being late to his first job at another McDonald's. (Bexar County Sheriff’s Office)
A 19-year-old San Antonio teen who was sent home after being late to his first day of work at a local McDonald’s decided the ideal way to spend his time off was to rob another McDonald's franchise about 5 miles away, police said.
The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said the series of events began when a man dressed in an employee uniform entered a local McDonald’s on Thursday telling the manager he had been sent in from another location to help.

The shift manager reportedly said he needed to fill out some paperwork and took the man to the restaurant’s kitchen area. It was there the man allegedly pulled out a handgun and demanded all the money in the safe.
The manager complied and handed over $1,500 before the man fled.
After authorities were called, managers from nearby locations arrived at the McDonald’s to review surveillance footage. One of them recognized the robber as David Gomez-Beltran, a new hire who was sent home earlier in the day when he reported to work late, KSAT reported.

The manager told police that while he was waiting for his ride home, Gomez-Beltran asked a series of questions about security cameras and protocol, should the restaurant be robbed, the station reported.
Authorities also determined Gomez-Beltran’s twin brother, Rey Gomez-Beltran, was a five-year employee at a McDonald’s and had an outstanding warrant for assault causing bodily injury.
The two brothers were spotted leaving an apartment complex in a vehicle. When deputies attempted to pull them over, the driver refused to stop, and hit at least two cars before crashing.
Rey Gomez-Beltran was allegedly behind the wheel and his brother was a passenger. David Gomez-Beltran suffered a broken leg in the crash.
A black Glock handgun was found under the passenger’s seat, police said.
Rey Gomez-Beltran was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading arrest and assault causing bodily injury.
David Gomez-Beltran is charged with aggravated robbery.
Burglar Without Pants Falls Through Ceiling At Waffle House

By Michael Seale, Patch Staff | Nov 7, 2018 2:32 pm ET

TUSCUMBIA, AL - Diners at a Waffle House restaurant in North Alabama Sunday experienced something they have likely never seen while eating out. A man crashed through the ceiling and into the dining room - wearing no pants.

The Birmingham man was identified as 27-year-old Wesley Glenn Bost, because the man left his wallet and drivers license in his pants in the Waffle House bathroom before climbing into the ceiling in what police say was an attempt to enter the restaurant's office to commit a robbery.

A report by the Times Daily said warrants are expected to be issued today for Bost for first-degree criminal mischief and burglary.

"He was trying to break into the office of the restaurant by going through the ceiling of the bathroom," Police Chief Tony Logan said. "Apparently, he made a wrong step and he came down into the dining area."
Logan said Bost had used his pants to tie up the door of the bathroom to keep anyone from coming in. After Bost fell through the ceiling, he fled from the restaurant and to a car driven by another man.

Police say after a high-speed chase into Sheffield, the car stopped at Avalon Park and the two men got out of the car and ran. Law enforcement is still trying to locate both men.
"We have his car and we have his driver's license and identification, which he left in his pants inside the Waffle House," Holland said.