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El Gato Bandito

that log had a child
Jan 5, 2009
...anyone else going to watch the friendly vs Paraguay?...
I only got to watch the last 15 minutes or so, but it seemed like they were pretty feisty out there. That's good to see I guess.

CCV looked like a beast out there. He is such a strong dude who plays smart. Miazga looked like a good partner for him as well, I am pretty excited about their potential as a defensive pairing. Glad they trotted out some fresh blood and cap tied some of the younger guys like Weah and Delgado but don't know why they are playing Villafana and Nagbe type players. We know what they offer. Play new guys.


A/V Subscriber
Oct 26, 2003
Carl Junction, MO
Last night's match was a fantastic watch for me. A lot of names that have been on the radar for a long time really looked the part.

Adams was a machine out there. Always moving, always finding space, strong with the pass and in the defense. His run the ended in the penalty was a thing of beauty.
Trapp: The guy still isn't comfortable under pressure, but he was excellent last night
Teamwork: When the guys came to each other's defense when Paraguay started their meat head crap was awesome.
Saif was really good. He was probably the best at providing the high press from the midfield.
Overall energy level: These guys wanted to play and show what they could do. There was more movement last night than in any USMNT match I've seen in years.

Wood continues to struggle. He's lost his clinical edge. He should have at the very least gotten 3 or 4 more shots on target, instead, he was too timid in the box and ended up either passing out delaying long enough that his shot was blocked. Only redemptions for me was his work rate was good and he did make the penalty shot.
free kick defense was iffy all night. Corners and free kicks were always way too congested in front of the keeper. Fortunately, even when the ball ended up at the feet of the enemy, it was too congested for them to get a shot off.

Now, I don't want to go over the top on any of this. Paraguay sucks. They aren't very skilled and are pretty slow as a team. But they have a lot of matches together whereas we do not. It was a really good showing for the newness of our guys.